Hair Transplant FAQ

Why should I choose Clinic Center?

Clinic Center offers its patients reliable, customer-satisfactory, and high-quality service. A high customer service satisfaction rate makes Clinic Center stand out from other companies. With our all-inclusive package that includes a guarantee certificate, Hair Treatment, personal host, accommodation, inner transfers, check-up, and medical shampoo, lotion, and medications at a competitive affordable cost, patients have the ultimate opportunity to regrow their natural hair by our reputable partner medical team of hair specialists. For further information of the advantages and unbeatable offers of Clinic Center, visit our Why Choose? page. 

Does Clinic Center assist with high-quality hair transplant services? 

Yes. Hair transplant in Turkey that is assisted by Clinic Center offers high-quality treatment with its reputable hair specialists and demand is growing each year. For further information about partner hair specialists of Clinic Center, visit our ‘doctors’ page. 

What is the cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair Transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries due to the cheap living costs in the country. But the exact number of hair transplant cost may vary according to each case and its needs. 

Why the hair transplant procedure is affordable in Turkey? Does it affect the quality of service? 

Clinic Center Turkey partner specialists perform reliable and high-quality service and the cost of hair transplant is much more affordable because the costs of travel and accommodation are relatively cheap in the country. However, this does not affect the quality of service you will get which was awarded the fourth time by one of the most effective forums on hair transplant

Am I an eligible candidate?

All healthy and matured individuals who do not have serious chronic disorder, cardiovascular diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney disorders, bleeding and coagulation disorders such as hemophilia and have adequate amount of hair on donor area are considered as eligible candidate for hair transplant in Turkey. It is analyzed in detail by partner hair specialists whether the patient is convenient for the procedure or not. Primarily, it is required to query non-genetic factors causing hair loss with blood test. If the tests show that there is not a systematic problem, donor area is examined. In the event that it is determined the hair loss type is eligible for hair transplant procedure and candidate has adequate numbers of grafts, a procedure date is given. 

What is the required amount of graft?

The approximate number of the grafts to be extracted in a session at Clinic Center Turkey varies between 1500 to 4500 grafts according to the donor area. But we need to emphasize that each case and its needs are different, your condition and specialists decisions will determine the ultimate graft number.

When can I recover and see the results?

Crusts might reveal after hair transplant process. These will disappear in the end of 10 days as fine dandruffs if head is washed appropriately. The patients may continue their daily lives by wearing loose hat and they can return to work while being careful at all times. Hair start to grow in first three months after the procedure. Final results can be seenafter 9 months up to 1 year.

Which method is the right one for me?

FUE has been regarded as the best hair transplant method available at the moment. FUE Hair Transplant Turkey is a painless procedure whereas FUT leaves a scar and takes longer to recover. 

How many grafts do I need?

You will have a free consultation assisted by Clinic Center in which our partner hair specialist will asses the extent of your balding areas and the strength of your donor areas. Then provide you with an estimation of the amount of coverage you can get and the number of grafts that can be extracted without damaging your donor area. 

When will my new hair start to grow?

You are expected to experience some hair loss before your new hair will start to grow. This is due to the trauma that your hair grafts experience during the transplantation and this is completely normal. You hair will start to grow in after three ehic months and you will see your final results after a year.

Will my hair look natural after hair transplant?

Yes, because the transplanted hair is your own hair therefore you will achieve the natural-looking result.

How long will the results last ?

The results of hair transplantation are permanent. The hair will grow and continue to do so for the rest of your.

Are hair transplants painful?

Little to no pain is to be expected as the anaesthetic is injected into the scalp. Once the skin is anesthetized, there is no pain. If the medicine wears off during the course of the procedure, more is injected to re-anesthetize the area.

How long does the procedure last?

It depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. Completing a 1,500 grafts procedure would normally take about 4 hours. If the balding area is larger, up to 4,000 grafts, which might take around 9 to 10 hours.

Which places can be used as donor areas apart from the head?

Body and beard hair can be used as additional donor resource for treating androgenic alopecia in rare occasions. These hairs, however, do not change their colour, curl, and diameter. 

How long does it take for transplanted hair to grow?

On average, hair grafts will begin growing noticeably between 3 and 4 months post-op. The most significant growth will be seen between 6 and 8 months and growth will continue for up to one year post-op before you see the final results.

Does the hair in the recipient area fall and grow back?

The hair that have been transplanted will have little crusts for about one week before falling out after two weeks and ultimately regrow within 2 to 3 months after the hair transplant in Turkey. Since the hair loss involves only those hairs which have been transplanted and not your original hair, during the period before regrowth you will look just like you did before the procedure.

Does my head have to be shaved for procedure?

Yes, the recipient area must be shaved in order to achieve the best results, the angle of the new hair must match that of the natural hair. Only when the hair is shaved to roughly 2mm is the true direction and angle of hair growth revealed. If the native hair in the recipient hair is not shaved, the hair specialist must move the hair out of the way to make incisions. When this is done, the visible angles of hair growth are distorted and it becomes virtually impossible to match the angles, resulting in permanent shock loss of the existing hair.

What will it look like after the procedure?

The hair grafts form small scabs in the days after the procedure. If one has enough surrounding hair, these scabs can be camouflaged. If not, the small scabs may be visible but do not attract much attention. By keeping the scalp moist, they will come off in few weeks.

When can I return to work?

Depending on the type of procedure you went through and the type of work you do, it is often possible to return to work after 3 to 5 days. Within one to three days, patients are also typically able to return to most of their social activities. Your hair transplant specialist will discuss your detailed plan with you during the consultation.

Are there any complications or risks with the hair transplant procedure?

Infection occurences after the hair transplant procedure are rare. In the few cases where infection does occur, patients need to double check whether they have fully followed post-operative instructions. Even when infection occurs, it generally is easily treatable with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the physician.

What happens if I have a complication?

Hair Transplant is a very safe out-patient procedure and there is a very small risk of complication such as swelling. In case of complication, your hair specialist will prescribe you some extra medications to make your healing process comfortable.

Can I dye my hair after Hair Transplant?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend you to do it 5 to 6 weeks after the operation.

Do any scars remain after Hair Transplant?

With the assistance of Clinic Center advanced FUE technique for hair transplant Turkey is performed for your procedure therefore no permanent scar remains aftermath. 

Does my hair look natural after Hair Transplant Turkey?

Yes, by using your own hair grafts with FUE technique, your hair will look natural and dense.

Do I need to have hair transplant periodically?

It depends on the patient. Whereas for some patients, one operation would be enough, for some further operation might be necessary due to continuing hair loss.

Is the same technique used for both men and women?

Yes, same techniques are used for both men and women. 

How can I be sure about my hair line?

You will decide on your hairline with your hair specialist during the free consultation which Clinic Center will assist before your procedure. Since hairline is important for a natural appearance your hair specialist will perform the hairline as much natural-looking as you wish according to the case. 

Do you use micro motor?

Clinic Center Turkey partner hair specialists use micro motor only for extraction of hair grafts since it is more efficient and does not damage existing grafts in donor area. 

How long will it be enough to be second session?

It depends on the case of each patient but there are two different scenarios for 2nd Session; either it could be done 1-2 days after the first session or it could be done 8 months after the first session when the patient witnesses the final result of first session.

How long will take to heal after hair transplant procedure?

Next day, after washing and check up that will be done by hair specialist crusts will start to disappear and patient can go back to their daily life in 1 to 2 days. One week, medicines that were given by Clinic Center will take to heal faster. In 3 months, your new hairs will start to grow and in 6 months to 1 year, you will see the complete result.

Do I need to shave my hair before I come for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Your hair will be shaved by our hair specialists just before your procedure; you should not cut or shave your hair beforehand since it needs to be cut under the control of the medical team in size of 2-3 mm in order to be convenient for the procedure.

When can I start to do exercise again?

You can start to do exercises after 3 to 4 weeks depending on the type while being cautious since it can make hair grafts sweat and increase the blood tension and damage their new grafts and wounds.

Is Hair Transplant painful?

Thanks to developing technology, hair transplant is no longer painful and the operation is carried out under local anesthetic so you can even listen to music during the procedure.

Which part of the body do you use as a “donor area”?

Usually, the back of the scalp where hair grafts are genetically resistant to hair loss is used as a “donor area”. However, in some cases, hair grafts could be transferred from beard or other parts of the body.

How long does it take for my new hair to grow?

It depends on each case, and it may take from 2 to 6 months. First new hair will grow then it will fall out. Then you will observe the transplanted hair is growing stronger and thicker.

What is difference between FUE and FUT?

The difference between follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) is extracting grafts from donor area. The extraction in FUT technique, partner hair transplant specialists cut a strip of skin with hair from donor area then divide the strip into grafts and transplant them one by one to the recipient area. Since FUT is a surgical technique, it may leave some scar, a line, in donor area, FUE technique is mostly used and preferred worldwide because it does not leave any scarring. 

What is the advantage of FUE Technique?

The greatest advantage of the method is that the places of the grafts extracted one by one does not leave any marks. The places where grafts are extracted in FUE Technique Turkey complete their recovery in 24 to 48 hours.

How is the procedure done?

With FUE technique, the donor area is shaved to facilitate the collection of grafts on the day of hair transplant in Turkey. After shaving, attending medical team apply local anesthesia thus, there will be no pain during the procedure. Grafts are collected in the first phase and durable grafts are placed in refined incisions on the surface to be planted.

When can I recover?

The scar is donor area after FUE Hair transplant are in tiny holes which generally heals and not visible in few days. Regarding the recipient area one should follow proper post-op instructions and hair care instructions. After 10 to 15 days the crust and scabs are removed but there may be reddish dis-colouration over the transplanted area. It is advisable to take 4 to 5 days off from work as in some patients who undergo hair transplant procedure with FUE technique there may be some swelling over the forehead which may take 3 to 4 days to go away.

When can I see the results?

Majority of transplanted hair grafts shed in 2 to 6 weeks after hair transplant. However, hair grafts remain under skin. New hair will start to grow out of the present hair grafts after 10 weeks. 8 to 12 after the FUE technique hair transplant is the most suitable time to evaluate the final result.

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