These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions about Clinic Center’s  Referral System.

Please read these Terms & Conditions and the documents referred to below. By accepting our terms and conditions, you confirm that you will be bounded with these Terms & Conditions and you agree to comply with them.

Clinic Center has right to change and modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.


1.1. Roles;

1.1.1. Diamond Member (DM);

Also known as Primary Member, is a member whose subscribed members of the Referral System has received a treatment and each member counts as a DM for him/herself.

1.1.2. Platinum Member (PM);

Also known as Sub-member, is a member whom DMs enrolled into the Referral System.

1.1.3. Platinum Purchase (PP);

Also known as Primary Purchase, is mentioned when the Platinum Member receives a treatment from the Clinic Center.

1.1.4. Gold Member (GM);

Also known as Sub-member of the Platinum Member.

1.1.5. Gold Purchase (GP);

Also known as Secondary purchase for DMs and Primary Purchase for PMs.

1.2. Referral System members are not able to receive any payment from the purchases of their GMs.

1.3. All members are able to monitor their up-to-date revenues from PPs and/or GPs through the Referral System interface after signing into their account in detail.

1.4. Diamond Members are obliged to send only inquiries, they are not under any medical responsibility and/or they cannot finalize any bookings.

1.5. Members are not allowed to send patients to any other clinics and/or surgeons, as long as the membership continues.

1.6. Referral System membership is free of charge. Members shall receive payment upon sending potential patients and these patients shall receive a treatment. All members are exempt from any payment for Referral System in any condition.

1.7. Members do not have the obligation to be a patient of Clinic Center, likewise inquiries of the Referral System members do not have the obligation to be a member of the system.

2. Payment

2.1. You can find the payment amounts and conditions in the table below;

No of Treated Patients/Month 1-2 3-5 6-10 10-15 15-20 20+
Diamond Purchase 130£ 170£ 200£ 220£ 240£ 250£
Platinum Purchase 20£ 20£ 20£ 20£ 20£ 20£

2.2. Payments shall be made on the first day of following month of a Member’s treatment and shall be transferred to the Member’s bank account that Member must submit in their account.

2.3. Clinic Center is not under any responsibility for any commission that Member’s bank may take during the money transfer. Clinic Center shall pay the exact amount that has been mentioned in the Referral System table and is responsible for any bank commission that may be taken by any Turkish Bank.

2.4. If any patient directly contacts with Clinic Center before a Member enters patient’s information, the member is not able to receive a payment from the respective patient. Therefore Clinic Center must prove that the patient has left an inquiry before the Member.

2.5. In order to benefit from Platinum Purchase, related PM shall become a member of the Referral System and sign up to the interface prior to the treatment.

3. Invoice

3.1. If the Member submitted a corporate account to the Referral System, they must issue an invoice regarding all of the commissions to receive the payment.

4. Responsibilities & Confidentiality

4.1. Members are not under any medical responsibility and each process after an inquiry has been entered to the system shall be managed by Clinic Center. Referral System members will receive the payment after their patient is treated.

4.2. Diamond Members do not have the authority to see photos and/or medical information of their members due to patient confidentiality. However, they are able to follow their members’ processes and statues in their account.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 Clinic Center is responsible for your keeping your personal information confidential.

5.2 By accepting these terms and conditions you permit Clinic Center to use your before after pictures of your treatment areas.

6. Jurisdiction

In case of disputes arising from this contract, the Parties accept the authority of Courts and Execution Directorates of Istanbul.

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