MUDr. Patrick Paulis

Plastic Surgeon

MUDr. Patrick Paulis is known as one of the most popular and experienced plastic surgeon in Prague due to his long, international and successful career. He graduated from Charles University in Pilsen and then went to Paris for his specialization in plastic surgery. He received his specialisation diploma in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery from Denis Diderot University in Paris.He has been working as plastic surgeon more then 21 years and has treated thousands of patients including celebrities like Madonna and Shakira throughout his career which makes him a leading plastic surgeon in Prague.

He has specialised in many plastic surgeries but he is mostly experienced in rhinoplasty, liposuction,breast surgeries, facial surgeries and gynocomastia.

City: Prague, Czechia
Working Days: Weekdays and Saturday
Languages: English, German, Czech,French, and Russian
Contact: +44 20 3575 1039 & [email protected]

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