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    EBUS bronchoscopy is an imaging technique that enables doctors to observe and access tumour tissues in real-time, which can hugely impact on the efficiency of your overall treatment. Share your contact information with us to learn more about Clinic Center’s affordable EBUS bronchoscopy options.


    What is an EBUS Bronchoscopy?

    Endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy is a real-time imaging technique. It allows access to the difficult-to-reach areas and intervenes in the smaller lymph nodes for biopsy with the aspiration needle. EBUS bronchoscopy uses a flexible tube that goes through your mouth and into your windpipe and lungs.


    How is an EBUS Bronchoscopy Done?

    It is performed with a device similar to a colonoscopy, yet smaller. Images of your lungs are taken with a video camera attached to the ultrasound probe in order to accurately locate and evaluate areas detected in X-Rays yet needed closer examination.


    Who is a Candidate for EBUS Bronchoscopy?

    EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) bronchoscopy is a technique used to diagnose different types of lung disorders such as inflammation, infections or cancer.


    What are the Risks of EBUS bronchoscopy?

    EBUS bronchoscopy is very safe yet like every other medical procedure, there is a small risk of complication. Side effects may include bleeding from the biopsy, infection, low oxygen levels during or after the procedure and a very small risk of collapse of the lung. All of these complications are treatable and not considered as a major risk.


    How Long Does it Take to Recover from an EBUS bronchoscopy?

    EBUS is performed under moderate sedation or general anaesthesia. It has a very short recovery time and does not require hospitalization; patients can go back to their houses on the same day.


    EBUS Bronchoscopy Cost in Turkey

    Along with your treatment costs, advanced test, imaging technologies and interventional procedures may create a heavy burden on patients and their families. It is very important to create an affordable alternative for patients who are in need of this kind of medical care. EBUS Bronchoscopy costs in Turkey are very affordable compared to other advanced countries. Clinic Center registered in the UK is the only medical tourism company offering, physical consultation and aftercare services in the UK. Book your face-to-face consultation in London right now!


    Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery and Aftercare

    Usually, people stay in the hospital for two to three weeks after the procedure. During the recovery, you receive antibiotics and other medications. This also includes medications to prevent graft-versus-host disease. You may also get blood transfusions through your catheter if needed.


    Fast Facts About EBUS Bronchoscopy


    Procedure: Endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy is a technique used to better diagnose lung disorders with a flexible tube going through your mouth and into your windpipe.
    Anaesthesia: moderate sedation or general anaesthesia
    Recovery: Discharge on the same day
    Duration: The procedure takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
    Work: Back to work after 24 to 72 hours
    Pain: Depending on the person, slight pain for the following 2-3 days
    Exercise: After 1-2 days
    Complications: Endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy is very safe with only very small risks
    Side Effects: Sore throat, bleeding, low oxygen levels during the procedure


    EBUS Bronchoscopy FAQ


    How long does it take to get EBUS Bronchoscopy results?

    You should get your results within 1 or 2 weeks.


    What is the difference between an Endoscopic Ultrasound and an EBUS Bronchoscopy?

    EBUS is different from endoscopic ultrasound, both techniques are used to monitor and sample mediastinal lymph nodes, EBUS is performed during bronchoscopy. EUS is performed during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.


    Is EBUS painful?

    EBUS is usually done under general anaesthesia. While some patients may experience a sore throat after the procedure, there is no pain associated with EBUS.


    Will I be sedated for EBUS Bronchoscopy or hospitalized?

    EBUS is performed under moderate sedation or general anaesthesia. It has a very short recovery time and does not require hospitalization.


    Does it require fasting before the procedure?

    Yes. You should stop eating or drinking at least 6 hours before the test. You can only drink water up to 2 hours before the procedure. You should stop eating and drinking completely 2 hours before the test.


    I have medications that I use regularly, should I stop taking them?

    You should take your usual medications on the morning of the test, but you should always consult to your doctor about medication use.


    What should I be careful about after EBUS Bronchoscopy?

    You can return home after 2 hours. Since you will be sedated, you must not drive yourself for 24 hours. You should have a companion at home with you for the following. And also, you should not drink alcohol for a few days.


    Is it safe to use blood thinners?

    You will be required to stop using blood thinning medications 7 days before the procedure.


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