Medical Travel Shield Insurance

Clinic Center works together with the Medical Travel Shield in order to provide our patients with the best insurance services that will protect their belongings and their well-being during their medical holiday trip in Turkey.

Here are some of the benefits of travelling to Turkey with Clinic Center insured by Medical Travel Shield:

– Medical and additional expenses including repatriation for injury or illness arising from an event not incurred as part of your treatment
– Medical expenses incurred if you have a life threatening complication that occurs during the planned procedure
– Cancellation and curtailment.
– Journey continuation, additional travel and accommodation expenses for missed journeys
– Travel Delay, due to any reason within the certificate,
– Legal liability arising from bodily injury or death to third parties or accidental loss or damage to their property.
– Personal Accident, benefit for bodily injury as a result of an accident.
– Hospital Benefit payable for each 24 hours spent in hospital.
– Loss or damage to accompanied property and/or money.
– Expenses in obtaining a replacement passport, tickets and other travel docs.
– Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the normal recovery period.
– Additional return trip within 12 months of the original treatment if a covered person returns to have medically necessary corrective treatment.

What is NOT insured by Medical Travel Shield?

– Medical and additional expenses relating to the planned medical procedure or treatment except if you have a life-threatening complication that occurs during the planned treatment.
– Time spent as an in-patient in relation to the planned treatment.
– Pre-existing medical conditions
– Trips for any essential treatment/procedure
– Travel to hazardous territories
– Hazardous pursuits
– Pregnancy, childbirth or associated medical complications
– Communicable disease / Pandemics

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