Has Lewis Hamilton Had a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the method of collecting healthy hair follicles to remedy deformation or hair loss during a certain space and putting them within the relevant area.

The famous racing driver’s excuses are using hotel soap as shampoo and not looking after his hair when on the road in the past years.

Lewis denies the rumours and claims it has grown healthier naturally, as he started to look after it. We believe that Hamilton has totally recovered from hair loss thanks to the hair transplant procedure.

Has Lewis Hamilton had a hair transplant?

As for Hamilton, it seems that despite the additional volume of hair within the recent photo, his hairline keeps going back. In fact, the thirty year old’s hairline looks to have worsened slightly since earlier footage because it currently starts above his head, thus it’s not possible that he has undergone any kind of surgery.

Some experts say that he could have had a PRP procedure [hair growth injections] so that his hair may have  grown because of that. If you compare his recent and previous photos and if you have any clue about the operation, you will clearly see that he has had a hair transplantation surgery. So there is no cause to be ashamed of it.

 As one of the best racing drivers, Hamilton and helmet words are not separated from each other, minimal loss of hair is an inevitable end while wearing a helmet and through the rubbing and perspiring associated with wearing a tight helmet in tough formula 1 circumstances.Some people recognise that he wants to hide that helmet hair. But some also pointed out that he was choosing caps to  hide his thinning hair and his receding hairline.

Who is The Ideal Candidate?

The modern day selection to have an exchange for your needs via hair transplantation is one that is deeply private and every so often not clearly decided through sufferers. Hair loss influences all people on a variety of tiers and the reasons why sufferers determine to have hair healing are often the same. 

High hairline in a woman makes her face look less in proportion or less feminine. So that is why women get it done, and with men, when their hairline looks like it did before, it can give them a youthful look and who doesn’t want that?

If you want to have a hairline which makes your face look more proportional or more younger, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What  Causes Hair Loss?

There are some specific and standard causes for hair loss. But the main factors are;

  • Hereditary factors
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Mental reasons
  • Failure in hair structure, 
  • Hormone Disorders,
  • Using too much chemical stuff on your hair.
  • Hard life circumstances and too much stress
  • Smoking 
  • Even the way the hair is styled can do it(cornrows for instance pull the hair roots)

What Are The Methods of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation is done by professional hair transplant specialist in well known hospitals. In addition, in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, the main structure of the procedure is the same. The general aim of the procedure and the conclusions are the same however treatment plan details may change depending the case. It also needs to be accepted by any people considering having a hair transplant procedure, that after a couple of months  the hair starts to regrow and the new hair will look even better.

If you want to achieve the look you deserve, and look for a best option for it, contact us today to find your hair transplant method today.

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