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He is one of the world’s most popular men on earth, so naturally whatever he does, what happens to him, what he says, eats will be news. Obviously his hair is no exception. Since the beginning of his 20’s, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, started losing his hair. This started the question: “Why doesn’t he get a hair transplant procedure?” Naturally it is hard for any other person other than Prince William to answer.

We all know Prince William has a younger brother Harry, who is known to be the wild child of the family. In some of the interviews, he has been joking about his brother’s hair loss issue: “I think he certainly is brainier than I am, but we accepted that at school, along with his baldness” once he has said about his big brother.

Why Doesn’t Prince William Undergo A Hair Transplant?

Prince William not doing anything about his balding problem may be a personal choice or one of the rules of the Royal Family. Anyhow, the specialists say it is very late for Prince William to get his hair back. But, Prince Harry seems to have a good chance to solve his hair loss issue.

Do You Think Prince William Should Have Hair Transplant?

People wonder if Prince William needs to have a hair transplant surgery. One thought is that it could look fake when hair starts to come. Also his family disapproves of a fake look. But the other people have said that hair loss is a health issue and science can give suitable answers. No one seems to know what Kate Middleton thinks. However some rumours suggest that she supports her husband in any decision he makes about his hair.

Media’s Enforcement and Hair Transplantation

Prince William doesn’t think positive about a transplantation. Seemingly there are lots of reasons for this. Nonetheless, it is a well known reason that pressure by the media has an important part in this thought. We all know that if he has a hair transplant, the media will look into it in detail.

Even though Prince William’s brother joked about it, his hair loss has also started. Compared with Prince William, it started at a later age. But it has started. However, after Harry’s exit from the Royal Family, his hair loss has speeded-up and might catch up with his brother’s hair loss pace. In fact because of the stress in his private life, it could get worse. Some may think that Harry ought to have a hair transplant procedure to fix his hair loss problem without losing any more time like his brother did. Or else, it could be too late for him too.

If he has a hair transplant, the first thing the media will do is find out where he had it done. Also how much it cost. Then there will be lots of before and after photos, comparing to see if he looks better now. This would of course mean that for a while he and his family will be constantly examined by the media, and talked about for months. This seems to be one the reasons and probably the strongest one as to why he doesn’t look at this procedure in a favourable way.

Is It A Solution For Prince William?

When you look at the photos of his family and him, you can see that baldness runs in the family. His grandfather has it, father has it, so Prince William losing hair isn’t really a surprise. So it is genetic. For this type of loss of hair, finding a cure isn’t easy. He could slow down the shedding with PRP and similar treatments. Some of the topical medication may be useful. But in some people it is nearly impossible to stop hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation can be chosen for a permanent choice. It should also be remembered that in hair transplantation, only the person’s hair is used on them. You can’t take hair from a friend or a sibling and have it transplanted on your head. Also it can’t be done if the donor area isn’t good.

To Conclude

If Prince William decides to have a hair transplant, with a good clinic and a trichologist, he can get rid of his hair loss problem. But, he needs to have a consultation before anything can be decided. Regardless of what Prince William will do about his hair loss, it looks like people are still curious about if he will do anything about it.

Then there is his brother Harry. The rumour says that he was going to have a hair transplant before his wedding. Apparently his budget was £50K! If he thinks of coming to Turkey, the price he would pay for the procedure is £1,500- £3K. This means he would be saving a lot of money. He still would have a hair transplant in Turkey that is performed by making use of the latest FUE technology.

At Clinic Center, we offer a high-quality hair transplant treatment at reasonable costs. This is one of the many reasons why Turkey has become the favourite country for hair transplant candidates around the world.

This isn’t the only reason why he should come. Now that he is “free”, he can travel freely. A lot of patients who come to Turkey, also go for a holiday usually before their hair transplant procedure.

If you believe that you are suffering from hair loss and want to do something about it, you can contact us for more information about our hair transplant packages.

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