Dr. Turopoli Katalin

Dr Turopoli Katalin graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of SOTE in 1992, and passed the dental and oral exam in 1996. 

She first worked as a dentist in a village around Budapest and then in a Budapest office with a regional care obligation, during which, in view of the high turnover, she gained experience and experience in almost all fields of dentistry. 

Her main areas of interest are aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics; she takes part in continuous training to gain new knowledge. 

In her work, she strives for quality, reliability, good contact with her patients, gentleness and pain-free interventions.

Diploma: Semmelweiss University, Budapest (1992)
Dentistry: Conservative dentistry, endodontics
Memberships: Hungarian Association of Dentists, Hungarian Medical Chamber
City: Budapest, Hungary
Working Days: Weekdays and Saturday
Languages: Hungarian
Contact: +44 20 3575 1039 & [email protected]

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