Dr. Zsófia Beke

Zsofia Beke is a dentist who graduated from Semelweiss University in 2016. She has specialized in endodontics and orthodontics.

Ever since her graduation in 2016, she has worked with hundred of patients who have left happy and with a beautiful smile.

Right now, Zsofia Beke is working together with Clinic Center to make the dreams of Clinic Center patients come true.

Diploma: Semmelweiss University, Budapest (2016)
Dentistry: Conservative dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics – Invisalign specialist
Memberships: Hungarian Association of Dentists, Hungarian Medical Chamber
City: Budapest, Hungary
Working Days: Weekdays and Saturday
Languages: English, German
Contact: +44 20 3575 1039 & [email protected]

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