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Having poor quality eggs or semen may result in infertility among couples. Registered in the UK, Clinic Center offers infertility treatments such as embryo, egg and sperm donation in Turkey. To get further information on egg, sperm and embryo donation cost, you can simply contact us online.

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    Immunotherapy treatment is done only by highly qualified doctors at Clinic Center. If the need arises, you have access to all Clinic Center’s experts and facilities. People who have immunotherapy treatment done at Clinic Center have access to the same world-class medical professionals, facilities and technology and the same level of service that is available to every patient who seeks care at Clinic Center.

    What is Immunotherapy in Turkey?

    Immunotherapy uses patients’ immune system to fight cancer. It works by helping the immune system recognise and attack cancer cells. Clinic Center, recorded at Companies House in the UK, offers an opportunity for affordable immunotherapy treatment in Turkey to destroy cancer cells.


    Which Cancers Are Treated with Immunotherapy in Turkey?

    Immunotherapy in Istanbul benefits some, but not all, cancer patients. It seems to work better for certain cancers for example, cancers with higher levels of PD-L1 protein or a massive number of gene mutations due to DNA repair defects.

    Cancers that best Clinic Center doctors commonly treat with immunotherapy include:

    • Lung cancer
    • Lymphoma
    • Some skin cancers (particularly melanoma)
    • Bladder cancer
    • Head and neck cancers
    • Kidney cancer
    • Breast cancer
    • Cervical cancer


    Types of Immunotherapy

    Different kinds of immunotherapy are approved to help your body fight a number of cancers, such as;

    Oncolytic virus therapy: Oncolytic viruses are a form of immunotherapy that uses viruses to infect and kill the cancer cells.

    T-cell therapy: T cells are immune cells that fight infection. This type of immunotherapy in abroad is still quite new. Our best doctors “reprogram” your white blood cells and use them to target the cancer.

    Cancer vaccines: A cancer vaccine is another way used to help the body fight disease. A vaccine exposes the immune system to an antigen. This triggers the immune system to know and kill that antigen or related materials. There are 2 types of cancer vaccines: prevention vaccines and treatment vaccines. You might also have it as part of a clinical trial.

    Monoclonal Antibodies: Monoclonal antibodies are a specific kind of therapy made in a laboratories. It can be used as a targeted therapy to block an abnormal protein in a cancer cell.

    Checkpoint inhibitors: Checkpoint inhibitors are used to treat cancers such as melanoma skin cancer and lung cancer.
    Drugs that block checkpoint proteins are called checkpoint inhibitors. They stop the proteins on the cancer cells from pushing the stop button. This turns the immune system back on and the T cells are able to find and attack the cancer cells.

    Cytokines: Cytokines are a group of proteins in the body that play an important role in enhance the immune system. Cytokines directly warn immune effector cells and stromal cells at the tumor site and increase tumor cell recognition by cytotoxic effector cells.


    Risks and Side effects of Immunotherapy

    Immunotherapy sometimes results in the immune system attacking healthy cells, which can cause side effects. It can vary according to the type of treatment.

    The most common risks of immunotherapy are;

    • Skin reactions
    • Muscle aches
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Hormone changes
    • Sinus congestion
    • diarrhea


    Advantages of Immunotherapy in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

    Being the best clinic in Turkey, Clinic Center offers all-inclusive treatment packages with great opportunities. Our clinic provides everything you will need during your immunotherapy treatment in Turkey; including accommodation, VIP transfer, personal host and follow-up examinations. Clinic Center is also in cooperation with the best cancer doctors in Turkey, who will give you a healthy life.

    Immunotherapy treatment assisted by Clinic Center offers you the best price guarantee:

    • Physical consultation in London, online / video consultation all over the world
    • Accommodation at a 4-star hotel(duration may change due to treatment process)
    • Hospital stay (if it is necessary)
    • All inner transfers with car
    • International personal host
    • Special group discount
    • Free check-up and regular follow-up

    By choosing Clinic Center to assist you for immunotherapy in Turkey, you will feel healthy and better.


    Immunotherapy Costs in Turkey

    The candidates for immunotherapy treatment also take financing into consideration, looking for more budget-friendly options. Considering the prices in the UK, Turkey offers a lower immunotherapy cost. Still, the treatment is carried out under high standards and by a professional medical staff. Including all your needs in your treatment package, Clinic Center allows for a cheap immunotherapy treatment abroad. To get further information on immunotherapy in Turkey and find out how much a immunotherapy treatment costs, you can simply get into contact with us online.


    Intratumoral chemotherapy Recovery and Aftercare

    Intratumoral chemotherapy does not require hospitalization or any particular immediate follow-up care. Patients treated under local anesthesia and conscious sedation can return their home on the same day. Clinic Center registered in the UK is the only medical tourism company offering, physical consultation and aftercare services in UK. Book your face-to-face consultation in London right now!




    How does Immunotherapy work?

    Immune system detects and kills abnormal cells and most likely prevents or curbs the growth of many cancers. Immunotherapy helps the immune system to better act against cancer. We can that Immunotherapy may work by stopping cancer from spreading to other parts of the body or slowing the growth of cancer cells.


    What are the types of immunotherapy?

    Several types of immunotherapy are used to treat cancer. These include:

    Immune checkpoint inhibitors

    T-cell transfer therapy

    Monoclonal antibodies,

    Treatment vaccines


    What are Immunotherapy Side Effects?

    You might be on immunotherapy for a long time, and side effects can occur at any point

    during and after treatment. Immunotherapy can cause side effects such as:

    • Pain,swelling,soreness,redness,itchiness,rash


    How is immunotherapy given?

    Immunotherapy may be given in different ways. These include:

    Intravenous (IV): The immunotherapy goes directly into a vein.
    Oral:The immunotherapy comes in pills or capsules that you swallow.
    Topical:The immunotherapy comes in a cream that you rub onto your skin. This type of immunotherapy can be used for very early skin cancer.

    Intravesical: The immunotherapy goes directly into the bladder.


    How often do you receive immunotherapy?How often do you receive immunotherapy?

    How often and how long you receive immunotherapy depends on:

    • Your type of cancer and stage
    • The type of immunotherapy you get
    • How your body reacts to treatment



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