Privacy Policy

Dear Clinic Center User,

Personal data protection and your security during payment are really important for us. We are in the opinion that the data you provide us are the values we have to protect. Therefore, we use a lot of tools (such as encryption, passwords, physical security etc.) to protect your personal data against unauthorized access.

Obtain and Use of Your Data

Without any exception, all personal data of all our customers are obtained in privacy. Besides, storage and use of the data of our customers are relatively required for our work process to progress with no problem. To provide the services in the best way, the data for completion of the work are stored in Clinic Center and when required, they are given to the companies for fulfillment of the services. Personal data are never transmitted to the third parties without your approval. We can reveal your personal data only to provide our services, to perform legal obligations, to apply Clinic Center rules and policies, to respond to the claims of violation of right submitted by third parties regarding the provided service or content or to protect the right or safety of any person. Your personal data are not used in Membership Contract, except for the written approvals you give in Clinic Center agreements.
Clinic Center can obtain data about the users and website use of the users by using a technical contact file (Cookie). However, users can change their browser settings not to get a Cookie or to get a warning when a Cookie comes.
Clinic Center stores and uses patient data to inform about new campaigns and to enhance the products and services. Besides, when needed, anonymous profiles are used for marketing research.
In case that the private data are damaged or obtained by the third parties as a result of the attacks to the website or to the system regardless of the fact that Clinic Center takes all necessary measures for data security, Clinic Center will bear no responsibility.
Clinic Center may change provisions of this Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time by publishing in website. The provisions of Privacy Policy that are changed by Clinic Center become effective on the date that they are published in website.

Confirmation of Data and Resignation from Membership

Users can demand free written information to learn which data of them are stored in Clinic Center. Possible correcting, blocking or deleting data demands will be directly put into process to the extent permitted by law. In case you have other questions to ask Clinic Center about data protection and security, you can contact us anytime via our e-mail address
Our users that receive e-mail bulletin can cancel e-bulletin membership by clicking the link “Resign from Membership” that is below e-mail bulletin.

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