Septorhinoplasty in Turkey

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Clinic Center is a company that is registered in the Companies House, and has welcomed thousands of patients who chose to get plastic surgery procedures to achieve natural septorhinoplasty results at modest prices. If you’d like to get further information on how much Septorhinoplasty in Istanbul costs; you can simply get into contact with filling this form. 

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    What is Septorhinoplasty?

    Deviated septum Septorhinoplasty in TurkeyDo you usually have a dry mouth and do you snore? When you try to breathe through your nose do you have difficulty or is it simply impossible? Then maybe, you need to have a nose job, more specifically a “septorhinoplasty”. Septorhinoplasty meaning; Septorhinoplasty is a procedure done to fix both your nose (also known as rhinoplasty) and your nasal septum (also known as septoplasty). The nasal septum is the small wall of tissue that parts your nares(nostrils).


    You might need a septorhinoplasty if you have an atypical shift in your nasal septum, basically a deviated septum. You might ask what a deviated septum means, deviated septum is when the septum wall inside your nose is bent or curved and stops some of the air passing through. Septorhinoplasty may also be needed if your nose is disfigured because of an injury, like a trauma. People who want a better-looking nose may also have this surgery. You can also have this surgery to revise problems from old nose surgery. With septorhinoplasty, you could breathe better and have a better-looking nose.


    Septorhinoplasty Techniques

    There are two approaches to Septorhinoplasty in Turkey;

    • Open approach: Open septorhinoplasty in İstanbul is usually done so that Clinic Center doctor can get easier access to the area that will be operated. In open approach, an incision along the width of the columella is done and the skin is lifted, this way there is greater visibility and increased perfection. This approach has a lot of advantages as Clinic Center surgeon gains entry to the whole nose structure, including the nasal tip. This approach is frequently required in revision septorhinoplasty to fix surgical errors or other aesthetic or structural issues. This approach can also be used for patients that need a more significant reconstructing of the nose.


    • Closed approach: Is usually done by entering the areas that are going to be changed from the inside the nostril. A closed septorhinoplasty might be suitable for small corrections and changes. This approach is less invasive which means decreased healing time as well as less swelling. Since the incisions are made inside the nostrils which means there will be no apparent scarring. Closed septorhinoplasty is usually done on patients who only need small reconstruct of the nasal tip.


    Septorhinoplasty in Turkey by Clinic Center

    Having plastic surgery in Turkey has become very popular, especially getting septorhinoplasty procedure done because the surgeons in Turkey are very experienced, especially the septorhinoplasty surgeons. It is a proven fact that thanks to their extensive information, plastic surgeons in Turkey can create natural-looking septorhinoplasty results. After their septorhinoplasty procedure in Istanbul, our patients enjoy going around the city since shopping in Istanbul is very affordable, just as septorhinoplasty cost.

    Septorhinoplasty surgery in Turkey usually takes about 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Our 24/7 aftercare service is available while you are in Turkey, in case if you experience any pain or discomfort after your septorhinoplasty.


    Advantages of Septorhinoplasty in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

    Clinic Center is a company that is registered in the UK and is Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s first data sponsor. Also, Clinic Center provides aftercare service in the UK Clinic Center offers all-inclusive plastic surgery packages abroad for patients who wish to have a functioning nose and a nice looking nose. We only work with the best plastic surgeons.


    The treatment package you will have whilst having a Septorhinoplasty procedure in Istanbul includes everything that you might need and it comes with the best price guarantee:

    • Free consultation in London
    • Septorhinoplasty surgery with one of the best surgeons in Istanbul
    • Staying at a 4-star hotel for 6 nights
    • 1 night hospital stay
    • All transfers with a private car
    • Personal host
    • Special group discount
    • Free check-up and periodic follow-up
    • Physical aftercare in the UK


    By choosing Clinic Center to help you with your Septorhinoplasty in Istanbul, you will feel and look better.


    Septorhinoplasty Recovery, Results & Cost in Turkey

    Septorhinoplasty Recovery:

    During septorhinoplasty recovery period, the patient will have to be patient because it is going to be slow and demanding. Immediately after a septorhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, the patient will wake up with a nasal splint taped over their nose and depending on which technique the doctor used, most probably a nasal tampon will be inside.


    Three days after the closed septorhinoplasty or open septorhinoplasty, it is normal for patients to have some pain. Bruises and swelling are also very normal during the early recuperation period of septorhinoplasty. Most of the bruising and swelling goes away during the first month; but it takes roughly a year for the patients to fully recover from the septorhinoplasty procedure.


    Clinic Center doctor might ask you to stick to some instructions for several weeks after your procedure to decrease the chances of bleeding and swelling. Depending on how hard the surgery was, the patient might not need to do all of these:


    • When you are sleeping, sleep with 2-3 pillows so your head is elevated.
    • For several weeks after septorhinoplasty, patients are not allowed to blow their noses.
    • Wear clothes that join in the front like a zip-up or button-up; don’t wear clothing, like shirts, sweaters, hoodies that you need to pull over your head.
    • 3 weeks after surgery, bruises and swelling should go down.
    • Up to five weeks, in order to avoid maybe causing a nosebleed. Don’t do arduous activities, like aerobics and jogging.
    • 4-6 weeks later, patients can start doing arduous activities.


    Septorhinoplasty Results:

    3-6 months after septorhinoplasty, your nasal matter will be moderately secure. It’s still a possibility that cartilage and matter could in time move or reshape. Various changes can still take place for up to a year or more after the septorhinoplasty procedure in Turkey.


    Most patients notice that septorhinoplasty procedure helps with their symptoms, like having a hard time in breathing, that was caused by a deviated septum. The extent of improvement a patient could expect with septorhinoplasty changes from person to person.


    Some patients can realize that they still have the symptoms even after the procedure and choose to go through a second septorhinoplasty to further improve their nose and septum.

    Here you can see the before and after photos of our patients:


    Septorhinoplasty Cost:

    Turkey has become a very popular country because of the affordable prices for plastic surgery and because the Turkish plastic surgeons are very experienced at what they do. When patients compare the septorhinoplasty procedure price with the price in their country, they realize that it is very affordable in Turkey and the quality of the doctors is very high. So it is a win-win situation. Because patients who come here get their procedures done by us, the results they will have for procedures like septorhinoplasty will look natural.


    If you have had to live with a nose that didn’t help you to breathe properly and you just simply didn’t like the way it looked you can now get it fixed. You might be worried about the septorhinoplasty cost, it is understandable. But imagine that you are able to breathe properly, imagine how it will affect your sleep, it will affect you in a lot of ways if you were feeling self-conscious about it being deviated, after the procedure, it won’t be. So basically, it will give you another reason to smile and for a more economical price. Also, you will have to chance to see a different culture.


    its experienced surgeons, significant number of procedures are done every year, successful results, economical prices, and government incentives for medical tourism. Each patient has a personalized treatment plan depending on the age, nose structure, surgery availability. Because Clinic Center is assisted by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to give comprehensive all-inclusive packages at an economical septorhinoplasty cost.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

    Septorhinoplasty Surgery All-Inclusive Package

    With the all-inclusive package, our patients will have a comfortable trip from Turkey to their home after having a successful septorhinoplasty procedure in Istanbul. Clinic Center does everything possible so that our patients feel maximum comfort, Clinic Center arranges everything our patients may need. Here are the details:[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][cover_boxes title1=”Internationally Certified Doctors” text1=”Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons are chosen after a close examination and hold the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships. ” target1=”_self” title2=”Medical garments” text2=”Clinic Center will give the necessary equipment to be used after surgery for each patient” target2=”_self” title3=”Check-up” text3=”A day after the septorhinoplasty procedure, Clinic Center doctor or host will inform the patient of the check up day and aftercare information for a successful recuperating process will be given.” target3=”_self” image1=”1909″ image2=”5031″ image3=”1916″][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][cover_boxes title1=”Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel” text1=”Clinic Center will make certain that all of their patients have the best and comfortable stays until their departure.” target1=”_self” title2=”All transfers with VIP car” text2=”For a more comfortable trip, Clinic Center provides transfer services whilst our patients are here.” target2=”_self” title3=”International Patient Host” text3=”Clinic Center provides our patients with an international patient host that will accompany the them during their medical travel.” target3=”_self” image1=”1913″ image2=”1914″ image3=”5755″][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_column_text]

    Pre & Post-Op Instructions for Septorhinoplasty

    The instructions below are common information to be followed before and after a septorhinoplasty surgery. Clinic Center does not take the culpability for the rightness of these instructions. The instructions given by your surgeon in Turkey after septorhinoplasty surgery should be implemented.

    Pre-Operation Instructions

    Important Note:
    Surgery will be CANCELLED if there is any possibility that the patient is pregnant or the patient has health problems(the anaesthesiologist will check before the patient is taken to the operating room).

    Two Weeks Before Surgery:

    • Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Nicotine affects the blood circulation and this might affect the result of your procedure and increase the risk of complication with anaesthesia.
    • Don’t take any products containing ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication or Vitamin E.

    One Day Before Surgery:


    Day of The Surgery:

    • Patients can shower before going to the hospital
    • Patients shouldn’t have any makeup on. There shouldn’t be any product on their hair, nail varnish and false eyelashes need to be removed.
    • Patients should pack a bag of loose-fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.
    • Patients shouldn’t wear jewellery, or bring valuables to their surgery.

    Post-Operation Instructions

    • Patients shouldn’t smoke and shouldn’t drink alcohol for 2 weeks.
    • Patients shouldn’t wash the nose area for a week. Avoid washing the nose are for a week.
    • Keep the nose splint until the check-up.
    • Patients may walk around on the day of surgery and after to prevent blood clots from developing also they should move their legs frequently.
    • It is normal to feel tired for the first few days.
    • Take all medicines as instructed by your surgeon. Take your pain medication before your pain becomes severe as incisional discomfort for the first 24 hours after nose job is expected.
    • Some bruising and swelling are expected for a week and takes between 6-12 months to see final results.
    • You will have adhesive strips in place after your check-up. Keep your strips clean and dry for 5 days then you may remove them.
    • Initially, you may take a quick shower with your back to the water, keeping your incisions completely dry to avert infection.

    Patients who have the Septorhinoplasty surgery will be staying at the hospital for the night, and the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. It is very important for the patients to stick to their plastic surgeon’s instructions to ensure their healing process goes as it should.

    For more information, please contact us!

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     Fast Facts

    Procedure: Septorhinoplasty
    Duration: 1 – 3 hours
    Stay: 6 nights at the hotel
    Anesthesia: General
    Recovery: Take 2 weeks off work.
    What to bring Comfortable clothes that you won’t need to pull over your head.
    Side effects Stuffiness, swelling, temporary loss of smelling, bleeding.
    Complications Scars, bleeding, seroma, infection, extrusion, swelling, bruising and pain, asymmetry, increased or reduced sensation, damage to deeper structures, unsatisfactory result, change over time, allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death), hole in the septum (septal perforation), breathing difficulties, altered sense of smell.
    Exercise 3 – 4 weeks later.
    Scars Depending on the technique you might have a small scar.
    Pain Mild, depending on the patient.
    Results Swelling will go down after approximately 2 weeks and final results can start to be seen between 6 months to 1 year later.
    Multiple Surgeries Liposuction, breast surgeries, hair transplant.

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    [/vc_column_text][qode_accordion][qode_accordion_tab title=”Manmohan, Ireland”][vc_column_text]Dr Aydin Gozu is very professional and I get what I want, Dr made a realistic result I am happy enough. Special thanks for all staff member they are very good help me all the way what patents expecting out of country I can breath well no pain it was great experience with clinc center thanks again for all.[/vc_column_text][/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Afra, UAE”][vc_column_text]I had a rhinoplasty with Clinic Centre. It was an experience that I would never regret. They took care of me all the time I was there. Before taking the decision to have the operation, I spoke to Özge who was very happy to answer all my questions on phone and on whats app even late at night. She spoke a good English and actually, she is the one who helped me make the decision and she told me exactly how much I was gonna pay. I was so happy that there was not even a penny extra when I got there. We arrived to the airport and right at the meeting point was our guy waiting; the driver was nice and he spoke good English. I kept contacting Emre almost all the time and he was very helpful and happy to assist with everything and he was sending me reminders of my surgery and check up times; Such a nice man who I felt was really caring about me as a patient. Personally, I would recommend Clinic Centre and thank them for knowing how to do their jobs![/vc_column_text][/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Abigail, UK”][vc_column_text]I had rhinoplasty surgery and I love it that much I’ve cried (happy) tears so many times . I honestly can’t stress how much I recommend dr Aydin Gozu. He is amazing . He made me feel so comfortable and reassured explained everything and listened fully to what I wanted my outcome to be which he 100% delivered. Bruce and selin my coordinators were also so amazing from the minute I booked my operation to even now when I’m home they have supported me arranged everything and made everything so easy and stress free . My hospital was clean and my hotel was lovely . Getting cosmetic surgery is a overwhelming experience especially when it’s not in you’re home country but thanks to everyone at clinic centre I had a stress free amazing time . Thank you all so much .[/vc_column_text][/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Schadana, Germany”][vc_column_text]

    All went great. From the organization till after surgery by clinic center . I had a nose job and breast augmentation by dr. aydin gözü and it was all worth it. He is the best. If I want to do something else I would definitely go to him again. Selin and tahal from clinic center were very helpful and they also did their job perfectly.

    [/vc_column_text][/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Laura, Spain”][vc_column_text]I would like to thank the clinic center

    Especially for how organized and easy my trip was
    To Istanbul
    Erme was especially helpful my cordinator he even helped me sort out a appointment for my dad who got ill when we were there which was very nice of him

    And my host Emma was lovely too 😉

    I am so happy with the work my Sergan did he was amazing super confident which made me at ease

    I would highly recommend using the clinic center as the hole trip was plain sailing from start to finish

    I would definitely use this company agine

    Thank you xxx[/vc_column_text][/qode_accordion_tab][/qode_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1594625125539{padding-right: 28px !important;padding-bottom: 38px !important;padding-left: 28px !important;}”][vc_column_text]Disclaimer
    The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. It is not advice on your specific needs and circumstances. It does not replace the need for you to have a thorough consultation, so you should get advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner. Please bare in mind that as with all operations, there are risks involved in having cosmetic surgery.
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