Teeth Whitening

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For those who are frustrated with teeth whitening kits and are dreaming of achieving the white teeth they’ve always wished for, having a professional teeth whitening procedure can be just the remedy they need.

Clinic Center helps you to achieve your desired smile for affordable teeth whitening prices.

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    What is Teeth Whitening?


    Over time, ageing, drinking coffee and red wine or smoking tobacco and cigarettes can cause discolouration and staining on your teeth. Also, tooth colour may differ, just like it is the case with our hair and skin. When these are the cases, people usually try to getwhiterteeth and find themselves trying out teeth whitening kits and DIY teeth whitening remedies. However, they fail to achieve a dramatic change and end up causing a lot of damage to their tooth enamel.

    The most effective and advisable option to achieve a whiter and brighter smile is teeth whitening professionally. It is a less time consuming and safe teeth whitening method suggested by specialists.

    The whitening substance has peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), which eliminates stains, improves the teeth’ appearance, and provides a natural shade. As the peroxide activates, oxygen permeates the enamel, which makes it appear lighter in colour.

    Teeth Whitening Methods

    Laser Teeth Whitening

    This method involves one visit to the dentist and takes an hour typically.

    The dentist uses a protective gel or a rubber shield to preserve the gums and applies the whitening bleach (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) to the enamel and activates the photoactive agents with a blue light or laser. The light accelerates the reaction, and the teeth whitening treatment ends swiftly.

    Teeth Whitening at Home

    Although the supervision of a specialist is advised, this is a method that anyone can apply at home. The dental staff takes the moulds of your mouth structure for both upper and lower teeth and applies a teeth whitening gel to the trays. They place the trays on your teeth for some time until the desired shade is required. This system also combines with a teeth whitening laser.

    Mixed Technique

    This system combines clinic visits and teeth whitening at home. Considered as the most efficient system, its use is quite popular. The patient continues the remainder of the procedure at home, following periodical guidance. The dental clinic provides tooth whitening trays and gel to carry out the process.

    Internal Teeth Whitening

    Has your tooth lost its colour as a result of endodontic treatment? If the patient’s tooth is devitalised, the tooth may lose its colour. When that is the case, dentists choose internal whitening to restore the colour to its original shade. This procedure is completed in a dental clinic with repeated visits.

    How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

    Dental whitening does not offer a permanent solution; the outcome of the procedure will disappear in time. Depending on the eating and drinking habits, this period ideally lasts six months to two years. Patients may see that the white effect decreases as they eat or drink the staining foods or drinks. However, if the patient is careful, fading may be put off for a year or longer until a necessary repetition of teeth bleaching procedure or a touch-up is needed.

    Clinic Center generously provides its patients with a teeth whitening gel and a tray to help maintain their white teeth in a good state after the teeth whitening process.

    Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

    Studies report that teeth bleaching is safe. However, the specialist should take specific measures to protect the tooth enamel, such as utilising calcium sulphate to suppress calcium loss or fluoride to improve surface hardness.

    Tooth whitening is an effortless procedure that doesn’t pose any risks or dangerous side effects. But, patients may experience some side effects, as given below:

    · The chemicals used for whitening can cause tooth and gum sensitivity for some patients. In rare cases after the procedure, gums may show indications of burns.

    · Patients may feel susceptive against cold during or after treatment. They may experience sensitivity with gums, a sore throat or white spots on the gum line.

    However, compared to” the best at home teeth whitening “options, professional teeth whitening is always a safer technique as it is done under the supervision of an expert and causes no harm to the enamel.

    Advantages of Teeth Whitening Assisted by Clinic Center

    Our help makes it possible to ensure a perfect smile; DIY teeth whitening remedies or at-home teeth whitening kits can’t guarantee. Clinic Center offers safe methods, skilled professionals and cost-effective outcomes. We offer video or face-to-face consultations for the best patient service.

    Results and Aftercare Instructions

    Teeth whitening only improves your natural tooth colour. Therefore, the outcomes can be 2-6 shades lighter than before, in line with the colour of the patient’s original teeth. You can maintain your teeth by avoiding certain foods and drinks or smoking, which may induce staining or discolouration. After the treatment, use fluoride toothpaste and pay occasional visits to your doctor. In the first 24 hours following your teeth whitening treatment, you must avoid any coloured foods and beverages. What should we avoid? Here is a tip: If it would leave a stain on a white shirt, it will probably do the same on your perfectly whitened teeth, too. However, patients can eat white meat without skin, white rice, bread, egg whites, white cheeses, peeled potatoes, milk etc.

    Remember that tooth whitening is not a lasting solution. The effects fade within a few months to two years. Eventually, the shade of your teeth becomes darker, especially if you smoke or drink red wine, tea or coffee.

    To see teeth whitening before and after photos, visit our website gallery.

    How much does teeth whitening cost?

    Professional tooth whitening is the most suitable alternative for those who need a long-lasting and trouble-free result for their stained teeth. People repeatedly buy at-home tooth bleaching kits without any idea about their short- or long-term effects on their oral health. Professional teeth whitening, in total, costs less than the repetition of buying ineffective products and is a safer option than at-home whitening. Not to mention, the overuse of teeth whitening kits may cause permanent sensitivity, which may lead to severe damage and necessary further treatments, thus costing you more than estimated.

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    Teeth Whitening All-Inclusive Packages

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    Clinic Center guarantees to offer the most affordable price for you.

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    Teeth Whitening Fast Facts

    Length of Procedure:1 hour
    Recovery Period:Sensitivity will fade in 1-2 days
    Cavity probabilityNo
    AnaesthesiaNot necessary
    Potential CandidatePatients who have mild to moderate discolouration
    PainA pain-free method, patients can experience sensitivity.
    Post dental careAvoidance of foods that can cause staining for a while
    Long lastingA few months to 2 years, depending on the patients’ care.
    ResultDelivered immediately
    Combination of treatmentsMostly total smile makeover (Hollywood smile) treatment.


    How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

    A tooth whitening is not a permanent solution, and the white effect will disappear in time. Ideally, fading starts after six months to two years. However, smoking and consuming foods and drinks that can accelerate staining speed up the fading process. Following these directions, you can preserve the results for a year or longer before another treatment is necessary again.

    Does Teeth Whitening Harm the Teeth?

    Teeth whitening gel is not harmful to the tooth enamel. Researches report that teeth whitening substances with 10% carbamide peroxide do not affect the hardness or mineral content of the enamel, which is known to be the most rigid tissue in the human body. However, patients should note that whitening products may induce temporary tooth sensitivity.

    Are teeth veneers harmful to Existing Dental Restorations?

    Teeth whitening products have not indicated any harm to the existing filling for more than ten years of clinical utilisation. The most notable subject is the restorations, like tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, bonding, veneers, and bridges, cannot be bleached. So, the existing dental restoration should be renewed to balance the shade in the natural teeth.

    Does bleaching damage the tooth’s nerve?

    Studies show no indication that the teeth whitening treatment harms the nerve of a tooth. A study conducted among users of a teeth whitening system reported that at both 4.5- and 7-year follow-ups, no one required a root canal treatment.

    Is teeth whitening safe?

    Yes, several researches confirm the general reliability of bleaching for teeth whitening. Provided that the experts take necessary precautions to protect surface enamel.

    Do whiteners affect my filling, veneers or crowns?

    Bleaching works explicitly on tooth enamel. It doesn’t change the colour of artificial pieces; however, it may remove stains on their surfaces. Conclusively, experts decide whether or not you are a match for teeth whitening. If you’ve gone through cosmetic dentistry treatments before, as a total smile makeover, you may not be an ideal patient for teeth whitening. Bleaching doesn’t benefit restorative materials and may temporarily decrease the bond strength of previous restorations (tooth-coloured fillings).

    Can anyone whiten their teeth?

    This method is only recommended for adults. Some teenagers may comply with the criteria; however, a thorough examination is necessary first. Generally, basic tooth cleaning works for most teens to achieve a perfect smile.

    How does teeth whitening work?

    Bleaching starts by spreading a solution, which contains a level of peroxide, onto the teeth. The peroxide penetrates the enamel and triggers the oxidation process. It causes the molecules inside the teeth to reflect less light and appear colourless, creating a lighter effect.

    Does teeth whitening hurt?

    You may experience some sensitivity, and your mouth can feel a bit uncomfortable after the treatment since; you’ll keep it open for a while.

    Does whitening help with removing the stains from smoking?

    Almost all stains are removable with this procedure. However, some patients’ teeth may not respond well to the peroxide, or some stains may be resistant. In these cases, our experts offer veneers to cover the stained teeth to elevate the appearance.

    Are the teeth whiteners toxic?

    Hydrogen peroxide and urea, both breakdown products of carbamide peroxide, are seen in each human cell. The critical point here is the dosage. As long as you follow the instructions and avoid the overuse of whiteners, you will not need to be concerned.

    What is Interior whitening?

    Patients experience discolouration following a root canal procedure. To solve the problem, dentists remove the tooth filling and apply teeth whitening gel into the cavity. After the gel is applied, the tooth is covered with a filling. Your dentist will repeat the sessions are until they achieve the desired colour.

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