Love Island Is Now Cosmetic Island

The famous reality show Love Island first appeared on the British TV channel ITV2 in the year of 2015 and thanks to its unique and scandalous content it became a very popular and most-watched show. The programme basically consists of two groups; the boys and the girls. It also can be understood from its name that Love island is an ideal place to find your love.

The girls’ group and the boys’ group live in the same villa, however, the rooms they live in or let’s say “sleep” is of course not the same! Both women and the men of the villa stay in different rooms. However, the kitchen and the bathroom is shared with other members of the villa. One of the most famous seasons was filmed in 2019 and the members of the villa became so popular that they were offered many jobs which took place on the screens after the show was over. The islanders are also known for looking almost perfect and they owe this to the plastic surgeries that they had before the show. However, this was criticised by the public because many people thought that they had unrealistic looks, which raises the beauty standards and encourages people to have cosmetic surgeries just like they did.

Anna From Love Island

● Anna from Love island is well known for her good looking bum. We are certain that she has had her bum done with a BBL surgery. BBL surgery is done with your own body fat. So when it is being performed they take some fat from your body, usually from the stomach, sides and the lower back. This fat is then filtered and injected to the bum to give it a rounder shape. With BBL surgery you can also get rid of your hip-dips, these dips form because of the shape of the body, with BBL, fat gets injected and you won’t have dips anymore.

● She probably wasn’t very happy with her lips. Because when we look at her photos, they look different. Lip fillers may be the easiest thing to get, and it doesn’t take long. Furthermore, you get to see the end result right after. However, just because it is easy to buy and do, doesn’t mean anyone can do it. You should go to a person who has experience in this procedure.
● Talking of fillings, she also may have had her jawline fillers too. Because it looks sculpted compared with her before photos. Again, also with this procedure you can see the end result right away.

Maura From Love Island

Love Island star Maura Higgins has disclosed she was once denied age-related procedures when being offered free rhytidectomy also known as a face lift once she quit the villa. “Dancing On Ice” star unveiled that she was wooed by the amount of free surgical operations after her stint at Love Island last summer. ‘I did head to a clinic to have it years past however the doctor refused to try to do it and I didn’t want it. I’m assured in my very own body,’ Maura recalled to The Sun. ‘When you get out of “Love Island” you’re presented with everything from make-up and hair extensions to cosmetic procedures’ she disclosed. However, Maura’s happy to accept what she considers to be her flaws and hopes to encourage her social media followers to try to do the same. She explained: ‘I simply persist with what I do know and love. I don’t wish to induce something done to my body. I’ve got a flat bum and I’m simply embracing it.’She was also one of the islanders who was talked a lot about her passionate dances and behaviours on the island.

However, her old photos and new photos say otherwise. Her bum looks bigger, for this to happen she has to have a BBL operation. Her body looks slimmer, she either had liposuction or did diet. Her breasts also look fuller, so she either had a fat injection to breasts or breast implants. Lastly, her lips also look fuller, unless it is makeup, she looks like she has had lip fillers.

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