Hair Transplant Scars and How to Fix it?

The biggest question that comes to mind in hair transplant operations is whether there will be any scars left after the operation. Will there be any scars after hair transplantation and will these scars disappear over time? The answer to these questions depends on the hair transplant technique used and the professional care and skill of your surgeon. Today, two techniques are used in hair transplant surgeries:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique

This technique is also known as the “strip method”. The FUT technique is based on taking a tissue strip from the back of the head. A thick strip of tissue is removed from the scalp and hair follicles are collected one by one from this strip with the help of a scalpel. Meanwhile, your doctor makes tiny holes on the recipient site where the hair follicles will be transplanted. Then each follicle (graft) is gradually inserted or “grafted” into these holes.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique

This is the most modern hair transplant technique and requires a lot of expertise. Your doctor collects follicular units (grafts) one by one from the donor area at the back of the head, not as a strip of tissue, but by making tiny holes with a special device. These hair follicles are then transplanted directly into the recipient area one by one, into the holes opened with micro-needles.

Both of these methods aim to grow hair and provide a natural hairline growing in the same direction. However, in the FUT technique, a larger and more noticeable scar remains because a thick strip of tissue is cut from the scalp.
When people who have undergone hair transplant with the FUT technique go for short hair, scar marks become even more visible and this can be quite uncomfortable for them. However it is possible to cover the scars with your own hair using the hair follicles taken by the FUE method and by densely transplanting them into the scar area. In addition, scars left after scalp injuries, burns and neurosurgery procedures may also be concealed by transplanting hair with the FUE technique. Since scar areas are smaller in size than those of hair loss, in these cases hair can be transplanted more densely in a shorter period of time.

As Clinic Center, we perform hair transplant operations using the modern and up-to-date FUE method.

  • The FUE is the most preferred hair transplant method today, which provides a very natural appearance and does not leave any scars.
    Whether or not there will be any scars left after hair transplant operations is one of the most frequently asked questions. You can get answers to all your questions about hair transplantation by contacting us.
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