The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee Got His Hair Transplant Done in Clinic Center

Who is Robert Hisee?

Robert Hisee is known as the UK’s #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, has been helping people to change their lives for more than 10 years now. He got his popularity after working with some well-known celebrities in the UK such as Gazza, Kelly Holmes and many other..

He has been helping people for years by using his own techniques in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey and visiting clients at their home for his sessions. He is also performing hypnose show on stage and touches many peoples’ lives.

He is also the founder of the charity called The Foot Soldiers and helping people living in rough conditions. According to his explanation it was his dream to help people as much as possible.

Which treatment did Robert have in Clinic Center?

When Robert contacted with Clinic Center, he stated that excess skin on his eyelid and his receeding hairline bothers him and he wants them to be fixed at Clinic Center in Istanbul. After we consulted with our partner surgeons and clarified his treatment plan, we planned his operations.

It Was Great to Have Robert and His Son Bob in Clinic Center Istanbul!

Robert’s son Bob joined his medical trip to Istanbul and he added his dental treatment as well so we arranged their 1 week trip to get their treatments done and enjoy their time off in Istanbul.

“The reason why I chose Clinic Center is I know a doctor in the UK and I saw him he had his hair done and also see Dr Alex supported the clinic similar which gave me more faith.They have got support in the UK, Victoria so I thought that was a great to know knowing that piece of mind that you had a support and back up in the UK”

Robert Hisee, Treatments and His Journey

It was a painless Hair Transplantation

Robert’s medical journey had started with hair transplant on the second day. He has been picked up by his host and taken to the hospital in the morning. After blood tests are done he had detailed consultation with our partner hair transplant specialist and his hairline has been drawn as well as temple receipt areas. Considering his donor area, it was planned to transplant around 3500 grafts in order to create a new hairline and fill temples to provide full and intense coverage.

On the 4th day after he got his check up, he was so happy about the coverage and getting rid of his bandages .

It is time to cut away his eyelids!

On the 4th day after his hair check up, his host took him to our clinic for his upper eyelid, also known blepharoplasty operation which has been done in half an hour at the clinic and with local anaesthesia. Normally all surgeries are being operated under general anaesthesia but only upper eyelid operation can be done with local anaesthesia by itself.

Stitches are staying only few days and are being removed before the patient flies back home..

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    What did he say about his treatments and journey?

    How was your overall experience with us so far?

    “The experience for you guys is phenomenal. You pick us from airport, you are sop polite, you have been with me in every step of the way.The experience was amazing, I couldn’t recommend it enough”

    It has been 6 days after hair transplant and 4 days after your upper eyelid surgery.How you feel about your treatments after your check ups?

    “Doctors were unreal, they were just unbelievable. So if you want , get it done, it is not hard. About hair transplant, you only feel couple of needles for the first few minutes. I fell asleep for 2 hours that is how I relaxed. It was a bit soar when it is done but not anymore now.You just need to be careful since you dont want to pull out your follicles.

    I was more worried about the eyes and I thought it was gonna be 3 hours surgery but it was 20 min operation and he numbed it.It was so quick and easy.”

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