Can Honey Be Used as Sweetener After Gastric Surgery?


Weight loss surgeries are quick and permanent solutions for general obesity problems for people who cannot lose weight whatever they try. Stubborn fat that stays on the body for a long time can be a real problem when it comes to losing it. People with excess weight seek solutions to lose their excessive weight. The recovery period of gastric surgeries is as important as the surgery. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan is the key to achieving the dream body.

The alimentation plan is the most important thing in the recovery period of weight loss surgery. The patients should cut some foods and drinks from their life to get better results from the procedure. The first weeks of the recovery are the hardest because the stomach is sensitive and the patient should consume a liquid type of food not push the stomach to its limits.


Sugar is the most crucial type of food that should be permitted during the recovery period from gastric surgery. Patients must not consume sugar for a long time during their recovery. There are some zero-calorie artificial sweeteners that can be used because of their taste. On the other hand, honey is debated whether it can be used as a sweetener or not. No, honey cannot and must not be consumed as a sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners. Yes, honey is not artificial, it is a natural sugar resource, however, the sugar level is so high that it has so many calories which are dangerous for weight loss procedures. So, sugar must not be used as a sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners because of its calorie and sugar level.

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