K-Pop Idols That Have Had Plastic Surgery

K-pop stands for Korean popular music. This is a type of music that started in South Korea. It is influenced by styles and types of music from all around the world, like pop, rock, jazz, electronic dance and more. This is all on top of its customary Korean music roots. 

The more modern type of this music came when one of the first groups was formed in 1992. This group was called “ Seo Taiji and Boys”. Because this group experimented with various types of music and integrated foreign musical elements into their own, it helped to reshape and make South Korea’s music scene modern.

The “K-pop” term became popular at the beginning of the 2000s. Ever since it exploded, their industry and interest in Korean pop grew immensely. So naturally, not just Koreans but people all around the world who are K-pop fans are curious about the artists they are a fan of and want to know if any of them had anything done. So let’s begin:


In 2018, JooE from MOMOLAND said she had plastic surgery. The reason she said it was because they were talking about her ear piercings and she said cartilage needed to be removed and used during her rhinoplasty aka nose job procedure. A nose job is done if the person wants to be able to breathe easier or to have their nose shape changed. People who don’t want to have medical surgery can opt for injectables, where a filler is injected into the nose. But this is temporary. Whereas, a nose job is permanent.

2. Chaeyeon (DIA)

Chaeyeon from DIA talked about her rhinoplasty procedure in 2016 whilst she was a guest at a programme. The programme’s host asked if she had blepharoplasty commonly known as eyelid surgery. She apparently hadn’t. But that she had her nose done. 

3. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul from Super Junior was doing his military duty, and during this time he had a traffic accident and his nose got damaged. So he had it repaired. But after the operation, his nose was flatter, so he had a rhinoplasty procedure to get it back to its old shape.

4. Jessi

She is a very popular person and is very open about her procedures. She also had a nose job a while ago. Apart from rhinoplasty, she had breast augmentation also known as breast implant surgery, and double blepharoplasty.

5. Minzy (2NE1)

Minzy from 2NE1 wanted to have a nose job, but because Yang Hyun Suk, who is the founder of YG Entertainment before showed his disgust towards plastic operation, she wasn’t very sure. 

But, whilst she was having surgery for her rhinitis she also managed to have rhinoplasty because Yang said ok to it.

7. Seo Inyoung (Jewelry)

Two of the members of(not a band anymore) Jewelry said they had a rhinoplasty procedure. However, Seo said she didn’t have any sort of procedure on her body. But later on, she confessed. 

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