Shoulder Arthroscopy in Turkey (Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery)

Shoulder Arthoplasty in Turkey

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    What is a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    Shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey is a surgery in which a small camera called an arthroscope is used to examine or repair the tissues in or around the shoulder joint. The arthroscope is inserted through a small cut (incision) in the skin. The main advantages of using minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy are: faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, less aesthetic defect and less infection or healing problems.

    Some of the treatments performed through shoulder arthroscopy are:

    • Ligament repair, in case of rupture;
    • Removal of the inflamed tissue;
    • Cartilage removal;
    • Rigid shoulder treatment;
    • Evaluation and treatment of shoulder instability.

    How is a Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Done?

    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia. Your arm and shoulder area will be numbed, as a result of which you will not feel any pain. If you receive regional anaesthesia, you will also be given medicine to make you very sleepy during the operation.

    The orthopaedist makes a small cut in the skin of the shoulder through which he introduces a small camera in order to evaluate the internal structures of the shoulder, such as bones, tendons and ligaments, to subsequently perform the appropriate treatment, through minimally invasive surgery.

    At the end of the shoulder arthroscopy, the incisions will be closed with stitches and covered with a dressing (bandage). Most surgeons take photos of the video monitor during the procedure to show you what they found and the repairs they made.

    Who is a Candidate for Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    Shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey allows treating shoulder problems that appear in patients with shoulder pain or limitation in movement and that has not shown improvement with medical and physiotherapy treatment. For these types of injuries, much more complex surgeries were previously required, with longer recovery periods.

    Specifically, arthroscopic shoulder surgery is used for 4 groups of pathologies:

    • Subacromial syndrome
    • Rotator cuff tear
    • Shoulder instability and shoulder dislocation
    • Traumatic injuries: glenoid fractures, acromio-clavicular dislocation and soft tissue injuries

    How to Get Ready for a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    Tell your healthcare provider what medications you are taking. These include medications, supplements, or herbs you have bought without a prescription.

    During the two weeks before shoulder arthroscopy:

    You may be asked to stop taking blood thinners. These include aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen among others.

    Ask your healthcare provider which drugs you should still take on the day of shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey.

    If you have diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions, your surgeon may ask you to see a doctor who treats you for these conditions.

    Tell your orthopaedic surgeon if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, more than 1 or 2 drinks a day.

    If you smoke, try to quit. Smoking can slow bone consolidation and wound healing.

    Let your doctor know if you have a cold, flu, fever, herpes outbreak, or any other illness you may have before a shoulder arthroscopy abroad.

    On the day of shoulder arthroscopy:

    Follow the instructions on when to stop eating and drinking.

    Take any medication you are told with a small sip of water.

    Follow the instructions on what time you should arrive at the hospital. Be sure to be on time.

    How painful is a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    Shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey is a simple procedure that is carried out under local or regional anaesthesia depending on your surgeon’s decision. During an arthroscopic shoulder surgery, patients lose their sense on the operated shoulder, feeling no pain at all. Pain after shoulder arthroscopy is minimal and can be minimized through painkillers, cold press and sling.

    What are the Risks of Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    The risks and complications that a shoulder arthroscopy can be classified into three sections:

    • Anesthetics: Patients will be evaluated by the specialists in this regard to decide the best anesthesia technique, as in other surgical processes. Since the duration of a shoulder arthroscopy is quite short, anesthetics is not very likely to cause a risk.
    • Peri-Operative: The surgeon must have the adequate knowledge and skills to avoid and solve these complications during an arthroscopic knee surgery.
    • Postoperative: Postoperative complications are those of any joint surgery. For example: infection, which is very rare in arthroscopic shoulder surgery; and, joint stiffness or residual pain. For the latter, it is very important to have a suitable exercise regimen and that it be started immediately at the time of hospital discharge.

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Results in Turkey

    Shoulder arthroscopy results in Turkey are often remarkable. Providing quick relief in the pain and discomfort, the procedure also allows for a further examination of the injury. However, like every surgical intervention, shoulder arthroscopy must be performed by an experienced orthopaedic surgeon to achieve satisfying results. Also, physical therapy for shoulder arthroscopy and a sufficient aftercare will improve the outcomes of the surgery.

    Cooperating with highly qualified surgeons, Clinic Center offers effective solutions for insisting shoulder pain and the opportunity of life-long aftercare in the UK.

    What to Expect After a Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery?

    Recovery from arthroscopic shoulder surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months. You will probably have to wear a sling for the first week. If your repair is greater, you may have to wear the sling longer.

    You can take medicine to control pain or apply ice to the shoulder during the first week after shoulder arthroscopy, being careful with surgical wounds.

    The time to go back to work or gym after shoulder arthroscopy will depend on what the surgery involved and can range from a week to several months.

    Physical therapy can help you regain movement and strength in your shoulder. The duration of therapy will depend on what was done during your shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey.

    How Long Does it Take to Recovery from a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

    The recovery period of shoulder arthroscopy is variable depending on each case: age of the patient, state of mobility and previous physical activity, type of injury and type of repair performed. Not all cases, nor all interventions are the same.

    The recovery period varies from one to two weeks in surgeries without cuff injuries, up to two or three months after shoulder arthroscopy if the rotator cuff has been repaired. Full recovery of severe cases can even be a period of 4 to 6 months after shoulder replacement, which is generally experienced in patients with sports injuries.

    Once the sutures are removed, all patients can carry out activities such as eating or cleaning from seven to ten days after shoulder replacement despite wearing an immobilizing bandage.

    Advantages of Shoulder Arthroscopy in Turkey assisted by Clinic Center

    Registered in the Companies House, Clinic Center is a well-known international health-care provider. Providing such opportunities as video or physical consultation, Clinic Center will not leave patients alone even after the surgery through life-long aftercare in the UK. During your medical journey, you will be assisted by the experienced staff of Clinic Center at each step. With the guarantee of a proper shoulder arthroscopy cost, Clinic Center also offers remarkable improvement in orthopaedic disorders. To get further information on our treatments and shoulder arthroscopy cost, you can simply contact us online.

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in Turkey

    As for the shoulder arthroscopy cost, it is not possible to give a clear-cut list. While the price is quite high in most of the European countries, Turkey offers an affordable shoulder arthroscopy cost. But still, arthroscopic shoulder surgery cost depends on the type of the injury, so it is generally fixed once your personalized treatment plan has been agreed on. To have a consultation with our medical staff and get a fixed shoulder arthroscopy price, you can simply contact us online.

    Shoulder Arthroscopy All Inclusive Package

    Having a shoulder arthroscopy abroad is no longer a stressful process thanks to the all-inclusive packages offered by Clinic Center. It is now possible to undergo a shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey carried out by talented orthopaedic surgeons at an affordable shoulder arthroscopy cost. You will have the following opportunities in your treatment package:

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    • International patient host
    • Life- long aftercare in the UK

    Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery and Aftercare

    Recovery from shoulder arthroscopy depends on the injuries to be treated and the activity to be performed by the patient.

    If shoulder arthroscopy is performed to increase the subacromial space, patients can do all the activities from the next day after shoulder arthroscopy, since it is not required to wait for a tendon or ligaments to heal. However, when shoulder arthroscopy is performed for a tendon rupture, the orthopaedic surgeon will have to carry out a specific postoperative program while the tendon injury heals. That is why surgeons are going to give each patient guidelines to follow in the post-surgical period, which usually include these phases:

    – Use of a sling: There are patients who will need it for 2 days and others for 2-3 weeks after shoulder replacement.

    – Shoulder Mobility Exercises: Patients generally start with gentle pendulum exercises with the back of a chair in the armpit. The specialist progressively increases the abduction with the hand on the wall. After a few days, patients start rotating exercises with the help of a stick held with both hands

    – Exercises for strengthening the cuff and deltoids: These exercises are essential for recovery from shoulder arthroscopy, they are always beneficial, but they must be supervised by a professional physiotherapist, adjusting to the instructions of your surgeon.

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    Fast Facts About Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Procedure:Shoulder Arhtoscopy
    Duration:30-45 mins
    Anesthesia:General or Regional Anesthesia
    Downtime:2 weeks
    Full Recovery:6 weeks
    Complications:Infection, joint stiffness or residual pain
    Exercise:Physical therapy for 3-6 weeks
    Pain:Moderate pain
    Results:Immediate pain relief and easier arm movement
    Hospital Stay:None

    Shoulder Arthroscopy FAQ

    What is a shoulder arthroscopy?

    It is a surgery in which a small camera called an arthroscope is used to examine or repair the tissues in or around the shoulder joint. The arthroscope is inserted through a small cut (incision) in the skin.

    Who should have shoulder arthroscopy instead of a shoulder replacement?

    Specifically, shoulder arthroscopy is used for 4 groups of pathologies: Subacromial syndrome, rotator cuff tear, shoulder instability and shoulder dislocation, traumatic injuries.

    How long do I have to stay in hospital after shoulder arthroscopy?

    Arthroscopy is most often performed as an outpatient procedure. Unless your surgeon tells you the opposite, you are allowed to leave the hospital on the operation day.

    How long will I be hospitalized after a shoulder arthroscopy?

    Shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey is often an outpatient procedure. Most of the patients leave the hospital a few hours later, when the post-operative exams have been performed.

    What are the risks and complications of a shoulder arthroscopy?

    Postoperative complications are those of any joint surgery. For example: infection, which is very rare in arthroscopic shoulder surgery; and, joint stiffness or residual pain. For the latter, it is very important to have a suitable exercise regimen and that it be started immediately at the time of hospital discharge.

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