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Clinic Center, the only medical tourism company providing aftercare services in the UK, offers an affordable choice that will be carried out in Turkey, a place where high-quality medical services are available. All treatments offered by Clinic Center are carried out in contracted health institutions with a health tourism authorization certificate. Fill the consultation form to get a personalized plan to achieve high-quality results after your arm lift surgery in Istanbul.

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    What is Arm Lift Surgery?

    Arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a plastic surgery done to reshape the appearance of the underarm part of the upper arm. So basically, patients who want to get rid of their flabby skin on arms have this procedure done.

    In the course of an arm lift surgery, the extra skin and fat that is in between of the underarm and elbow are taken out. Because the excess skin removal from arms is done and fat is removed, the upper arms are left with a good contour.

    Techniques of Arm Lift Surgery

    •  Arm Liposuction: This is usually done for patients who don’t have extra skin but have some fat on their upper arm. So the patient won’t have an arm lift scar.
    •  Arm lift with minimal incision: This is usually done for patients who have some extra skin that would be counted as minimal, the patient will need incisions, but minimal.
    • Extended Arm Lift: This technique is used on patients who were overweight, therefore there is a lot of extra skin. Because of this, the incision will be long, usually, the incision starts from the elbow, through the armpit, and to the side of the chest.

    Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey by Clinic Center

    Cosmetic surgery in Istanbul has long since been one of the top cities to get an arm lift surgery due to the major advantages the city gives. It is beyond dispute that thanks to their immense knowledge, plastic surgeons in Turkey achieve natural-looking arm lift surgery results. After an arm lift in Istanbul, a lot of the patients also enjoy exploring Istanbul since the prices in Istanbul for food and travelling are very affordable.

    Arm lift in Turkey usually takes about 1 to 3 hours, however, it can be longer and is performed under general anaesthesia. Our comprehensive aftercare service is available while you are in Turkey, in case if you experience any pain or discomfort after the surgery.

    Advantages of Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey Assisted by Clinic Center

    Clinic Center is a registered company in the UK and offers all-inclusive plastic surgery packages abroad for patients who want to tighten the loose skin on their arms. Because Clinic Center works with the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, patients who come to Clinic Center get natural-looking arm lift results.

    When you come to Istanbul Clinic Center provides you with the best price guarantee:

    By choosing Clinic Center to help you with your Arm lift in Istanbul, you will feel and look better.

    Arm Lift Surgery Recovery and Results

    After an arm lift procedure, the incisions will be wrapped in a dressing. You might have drains to drain any extra blood or fluid. It would be good if the patient comes with a friend or a family member to help them. For a few weeks, swelling, soreness, and feeling uncomfortable is normal.

    Clinic Center partner doctor will remove your dressings and drain(s) when he or she thinks it is the right time to do so.

    DO’s and DON’TS:

    • For 3-4 weeks after the arm lift do not lift your arms above shoulder level.
    • For 4-8 weeks after an arm lift, don’t do any physical and athletic activities with your arms that may stretch the incisions.
    • Take the medicines/ creams that were prescribed by the Clinic Center partner doctor.
    • Patients are allowed to walk right after the surgery.
    • Don’t do jogging, or contact sports for at least six weeks.
    • A month later, patients can start riding a bicycle.
    • For the first 1-2 weeks after the arm lift, patients should sleep with their arms raised on two or three pillows.
    • Patients shouldn’t shower until their doctor says okay to it.

    Ask the Clinic Center partner doctor regarding the stitches, when will they be removed? Will they be removed? Some stitches are dissolvable, so nothing needs to be done. But if the doctor has used stitches that don’t dissolve, then a doctor will have to remove them.


    If the patient doesn’t drastically gain or lose weight, the results should last for many years. The human body continues to age, including the skin. This could mean that in the future an arm lift patient may have loose skin. If patients gain a lot of weight after the arm lift surgery and then lose that weight, loose skin will come back. In either case, arm laxity that will come will be a lot less notable than before the arm lift surgery.

    By getting rid of loose skin on arms, by having an arm lift in Istanbul, patients will have a more toned-looking upper arm. As long as patients maintain a healthy weight and eat healthily, their arm lift results can usually be long-lasting.

    Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey

    There are so many reasons why patients choose Turkey to have arm lift surgery. One of the reasons is, the arm lift surgery cost compared with their country is very budget-friendly. Another reason is, Turkey, specifically Istanbul has very good plastic surgeons and because of this, patients who come here will get the best arm lift procedure and will get rid of flabby skin on their arms.

    These days, women and men want to have the body they desire, and sometimes, after doing everything they can (exercise, diet etc.), they can’t seem to tighten the loose skin on their arms. So, they decide to have the arm lift procedure. So that they can feel confident about themselves and not hide their arms anymore.
    Even though an arm lift surgery may seem expensive, this shouldn’t stop the patients want to have the body, especially the arms they desire.
    Turkey is one of the most highly regarded countries to have arm lift surgery thanks to its experienced surgeons, a considerable number of procedures done every year, very good results, economical prices, and government incentives for medical tourism. Arm lift surgery price depends on different factors like the practice of the medical team and all the extras included within the arm lift prices. Every patient has a custom treatment plan depending on their age, body structure, surgery availability, type of natural tissue, and proportion preferences. Because Clinic Center is assisted by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the privilege to provide comprehensive all-inclusive packages at an economical arm lift cost.

    All Inclusive Package

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Partner plastic surgeons are chosen after a thorough examination and hold the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships.

    Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    We will make sure that all of their patients have one of the best and comfortable stays until their departure time.

    Transfers with VIP car

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive to Turkey your until your departure Clinic Center will provide your transfers.

    International Patient Host

    Clinic Center provides our patients with an international patient host, and will accompany the patients during their medical travel.

    Pre & Post-Op Instructions for Arm Lift Surgery

    The written instructions are common information that should be adhered to before and after arm lift surgery in Istanbul. Clinijc Center isn’t responsible for the accuracy of these instructions. The instructions of your surgeon in Turkey after the arm lift surgery should be followed.

    Pre-Operation Instructions

    Important Note: If the patient is pregnant or if the patient isn’t healthy enough to have the operation, (will be checked by the anaesthesiologist) the operation will be cancelled.

    • Two Weeks Before Surgery :

    Stop drinking alcohol or using nicotine products such as, cigarettes, nicotine gum etc. The reason for this is, nicotine changes the healthy circulation of the body and might affect the result of the patients’ arm lift surgery and increase the risk of complications with anaesthesia.

    • One Day Before Surgery:

    Patients SHOULDN’T EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER 12 AM. A fasting is required to get sedation for surgery.

    • Day of The Surgery:

    Patients can shower and shampoo in the morning of the arm lift procedure.
    Patients shouldn’t have any makeup on, their hair shouldn’t be sprayed or have gel in it, they shouldn’t also have nail polish or false eyelashes.
    Patients should wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that must be pulled over the head. (No
    t-shirts because patients shouldn’t lift their arms)
    Patients shouldn’t wear jewelry, or bring valuables to their arm lift surgery.

    Post-Operation Instructions

    Patients should drink lots of water. (Fizzy drinks don’t count)
    Patients should take their medication as instructed.
    For a year after the arm lift surgery patient should avoid direct sunlight on the incision area. This way, discoloration of the scar can be avoided. The scar could be bright pink at first but will fade to the patients normal skin color in time.
    Arm lift healing time is normally 1-2 weeks.
    Patients should get plenty of rest and not do any hard activity that might include lifting weight or lifting over their head.
    Don’t start to exercise up to 2 months. Afterwards, start with light exercises.
    After the Clinic Center partner doctor says okay, the patient can start strength exercises. This will help carry on with the muscle growth and toning of the arms.

    Fast Facts

    Procedure:Arm lift
    Duration:1 to 3 hours
    Stay:4 nights at the hotel
    Recovery:Take 1 to 2 weeks off work.
    What to bringComfortable clothes. Mainly zip-ups or shirts with buttons.
    Side effectsBruising, soreness, discomfort, scarring, pain
    ComplicationsInfection, hematoma, loss of sensation, seromas, excessive bleeding, nerve, muscle, or blood vessel damage, fatty tissue death.
    Exercise2 months later light exercises can be done.
    ScarsYes, depending on the technique, it could be a long scar.
    PainDepending on the patient, it could be slight or major.
    Pain:None to slight
    Results:Arm lift surgery results are obvious straight away after the procedure. Early results won’t be seen because of the swelling and bruising, and a scar will stay where the incision was made.
    Multiple surgeries:Breast surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, nose job, hair transplant, porcelain veneers

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