Ivanka Trump and Plastic Surgery

Who Is She?

Her birth name is, Ivana Marie”Ivanka” Trump Kushner. Her birthday is on 30/10/81 and she was born in Manhattan. She is an American businesswoman. She worked under the ex-President Donald Trump’s(her father) administration. Her mother is Trump’s first spouse. She is the first Jewish member of a first family, she converted before she married her spouse Jared Kushner.

Because of her family, she was already well-known. Her private life, what she did, liked was wondered by many. Naturally people also were curious if she had plastic surgery. She hasn’t talked about it yet. 

She was gossiped about some cosmetic adjustments, mainly to give her nose a new shape also known as a nose job or a rhinoplasty and boob job.

Obvious Differences

Ivanka has been in the spotlight for a very long time. Before she worked under her father, she used to be a model and had her own line. Her modelling career started with modelling for the magazine called “Seventeen”. 

After she started to work under her father, the spotlight on her shone even brighter.

Ivanka’s Subtle Changes

The most obvious changes are her nose and veneers. But because veneers aren’t under plastic surgery, they don’t count.

When we look at her photos from the past, we can see that her nose has a bump on the bridge. However, now we can’t see that.

Her Renovation

Either she had surgery or not, a lot of women wanted to look like her. 

A lot of plastic surgeons in the US have said that they mastered the “Ivanka look” for their women patients who wanted to have at least the same looking nose.

The “Ivanka look”, consists of, her slender nose, big eyes and high cheekbones. Women who wanted to get this look did it because they wanted to look beautiful like her.

Still people ask if she had cosmetic procedure. We believe she did. Even a plastic surgeon has openly said it. 

A plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Matthew Schulman claimed that Ivanka may have had nasal modification and a boob job also known as breast augmentation.

In this day and age using social media is very common and it is very natural to people like what they see and want it. Because Ivanka is very popular, a lot of people see her photos and women especially want to look like her. Whether it is to have the similar nose, or eye shape. Something catches the eyes of her fans and they want the same thing.

What is your opinion? Did you ever want the exact same nose or jaw line or eye shape that a famous person had? Would you go to a plastic surgeon for it?

If you ever thought of cosmetic operations you can contact us and we would be happy to help you with any questions you have! A lot of aesthetic procedures look like they are just that. But sometimes a nose job is also done because that person isn’t breathing comfortably. 

At Clinic Center we aim to make a patients 100% happy and satisfied. So we also make sure that they are well looked after. Even when they get back home we provide aftercare. For more information, please contact us!

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