Prof. Dr. Aydin GOZU Appears as a Guest on a TV Show

The well-known doctor of Clinic Center, Dr. Aydın GOZU has recently been a guest on a TV Show called “Her Eve Sağlık” (Health for Everyone), talking about popular plastic surgery operations and non-invasive treatments used for cosmetic reasons.

“Sunny days are upcoming; so, people start to get ready. We, as plastic surgeons, prefer to retouch faces via such non-invasive methods as dermal fillers and laser technologies. Our first target is the signs of ageing: wrinkles and loss of facial volume. Considering every patient’s needs individually, we provide tailor-made treatment plans. It is essential to achieve a natural look without causing any loss in facial expressions.”

It is widely believed that a age-related procedure is an effective way to eliminate wrinkles and lift the eyebrows. However, what about the cases where it is not sufficient for droopy eyelids?

“Upper eyelid surgery is the simplest procedure among all. Plastic surgeons don’t even consider it as a surgery; but, for sure, it has some specific details which can cause problems when ignored. Upper eyelid surgery can be performed under local anesthesia” Dr. GOZU explains. “As for the lower eyelids, examination is a must. It is possible to remove either tissue or excess skin or the solution might be a temporal lift.”

Still, there is a significant amount of people that hesitate to have surgical interventions. In such cases, Dr. GOZU suggests opting for non-invasive techniques when possible:

“To give an example, plastic surgeons had to use quite aggressive techniques for facelift operations. However, now it is possible to achieve a more youthful, firmer facial skin thanks to a non-invasive technique, what we call as “Thread Lift.” These threads also increase the skin quality by stimulating collagen production and enable patients to have a defined jawline.”

When it comes to beauty; nose is the most prominent part of the face, making rhinoplasty a popular cosmetic surgery preferred by lots of men and women around the world. “People make eye contact while having a conversation. If the nose draws the attention rather than eyes, this means there is a problem that needs a surgical intervention. It is possible to fix the nose both functionally and aesthetically. It is undeniable that rhinoplasty causes a dramatic change on the face. After rhinoplasty, patients experience a significant increase in their self-esteem.” Dr. GOZU also says that it is now possible to provide patients with the possible outcome of rhinoplasty thanks to a software developed for this specific purpose.

Having prominent-ears is another common cause of poor self-esteem especially among young people. As Dr. GOZU says, this condition must be treated during the preschool period, otherwise it is more likely for individuals to suffer from psychological disorders.

In the end of the TV Show, Dr. GOZU told the audience one of his memories where a man at his 30’s knocked his door and came in. He then said: “I appreciate you for changing my life. I used to work for someone else but now I run my own business as you gave me my self-confidence back after the prominent ear surgery you performed.”

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