Smile Makeover: The Hollywood Smile

This smile became well known due to celebrities, specifically the ones in Hollywood getting it done. It is called what is it because there are/ were in Hollywood and what did they constantly do when they saw a photographer? Smile! 

But what is Hollywood Smile treatment? Depending on your case, it can be done with zirconium based porcelain crowns or zirconium based porcelain veneers and number of teeth depends also your case. Generally Hollywood smile in Turkey is being done with 20 crowns which place 10 bottom and 10 top however as I mentioned crown/veneers number can increase depending the need and case to create a perfect smile.

But how will you know if someone has it? Usually the teeth shape and colour can make it obvious. People who have this smile tend to have perfectly straight and pearly white teeth. Still can’t quite picture it? Well here are good examples of Hollywood Smile Turkey;

Tom Cruise is a very good example. The change is so obvious. We know his teeth aren’t “his”. But because he went to a very good dentist, they look natural. The teeth suit his face. 

Zac Efron’s teeth didn’t look that bad before but after some whitening and modifying, they look great! 

Miley Cyrus did not announce anything prove that she has had veneers but it is obvious that she had smile makeover! Whatever she had, her smile is fantastic!

Depending on what sort of dentist you go to, you will either have gorgeous teeth like these, or fake looking teeth like they had in the 80’s. 

But because Hollywood Smile is done on celebrities and obviously rich people, can’t people with less money get it? Is it so so expensive? Depending on which dentist you go and which country this dentist operates in, the answer is yes and no. As we all know, prices in the USA, UK and the EU are very high. In the EU prices can change from country to country. But in the last couple of years, a country seems to shine brighter and brighter for cosmetic procedures. Turkey. 

In the last couple of years Hollywood Smile Turkey has become super popular. So many people have gone their to get their teeth done and all of them have returned home happy. Happy because they have gorgeous teeth and because they know they have saved at least 50%. Amazing right? But why is Turkey so affordable? The workmanship and rents are cheap compared with other countries. Also, the value of TRY dropping has helped people in the USA, UK and EU quite a bit. Because they can spend less and get more. You may wonder, okay Turkey is great, but there are at least 100s of dental clinics. Which one is actually “good”? In the last couple of years, a clinic’s name keeps popping up, this clinic is Clinic Center. Why? Because they offer aftercare services in the UK and so far they are the only clinic to do so. Also they are registered in the UK which makes the UK patients feel good about the company and of course, patients have consultations to get an idea about what they need, what can be done before they come to Turkey. So they already will be prepared for anything. 

Just make sure you know what you want and make sure the dentist also knows it too. Be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear like, your mouth isn’t suitable for this and this operation. It is a good thing when a dentist says this because at least you know a year later or 6 months later you won’t have to spend more to fix it. 

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