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Clinic Center, the best clinic for your cosmetic issues, offers perfect solutions to mothers recovering from the adverse effects of pregnancy left on their bodies with mommy make over. For years, women around the world have trusted Clinic Center to achieving their desired body with natural-looking results. Clinic Center offers you a great experience of mummy makeover abroad at the cheapest mommy makeover prices available. For more details on the mummy makeover treatment, contact our team via the consultation form on our website.

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    What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

    During breastfeeding and pregnancy, women experience specific changes in their body, such as enlargement on the breast tissue and saggy abdomen. If the patient has significant levels of skin elasticity, these adverse effects can be eliminated. Still, these effects are a problem for most women, as their skin is not elastic enough to recover on its own. In this case, the surgeon performs a procedure known as mommy makeover cosmetic surgery.

    Mommy makeover surgery provides the sufferers of such issues pleasing outcomes with combined methods. It includes more than one surgical intervention in one procedure. Although it may seem scary at first, it is, in fact, a more practical approach, provided that the patient is healthy and suitable for the mummy makeover operation.

    Usually, it is an applied method after the breastfeeding period of your baby is concluded. The surgery entails a series of operations to help patients achieve their perfect dream body. As we stated before, it covers procedures such as fat removal around the belly or anywhere necessary, tummy tuck and breast lift. The options given above are generally requested procedures; however, if the patient requests or the surgeon advises, they can also add mommy makeover breast augmentation or reduction to the list. Patients who have given birth with C-section can also request a scar revision to be added. That is why; this treatment package can be known as a full body makeover plastic surgery.

    The best feature of an MMO surgery is that the patients don’t need repeated operation sessions to complete the treatment. They can conclude all of the alterations suggested by the surgeon in one session.

    For more information on the mommy makeover plastic surgery, contact Clinic Center.

    Mommy Makeover Abroad

    For the last decade, having plastic surgeries abroad, especially, has been an increasing demand for international patients. At Clinic Center, we present you with the best plastic surgeons for your problems to resolve with perfect mommy makeover results.

    Having plastic surgeries abroad can be beneficial in many ways, especially financially. As the mommy makeover cost around the world is a fortune and can harm your financial balance. If you are looking for budget-friendly solutions to achieve mommy makeover best results, Clinic Center is the perfect place for you.

    With Clinic Center, your accommodations, procedures, travels and transports are taken care of with the help of our excellent team to present you with perfect outcomes of mommy makeover abroad. Each MMO surgery is carried out with experienced, well-renowned surgeons in their field and usually lasts between three and a half hours to six and a half hours.

    For more information on mommy makeover abroad, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    Mommy Makeover Cost

    Cosmetic surgeries have been in trend for years now. However, when they were first applied in medicine, it was to make a part of the body usable with ease, provide comfort for the patient, not make any desired alterations, such as mommy makeover to make the patient feel better about their structures again. However, with the advances in the field and more patients choosing cosmetic procedures like mommy makeovers, it is now possible to get any parts of your body from head to toe restructured.

    When it comes to the mommy makeover price, it is not possible to give an exact number. The mommy makeover cost uk depends on the amount of procedures that are done in one session. Generally, prices are higher in certain countries. We offer you to travel to get mommy makeover plastic surgery Turkey. Clinic Center guides patients to have this life changing surgery abroad, in famous destinations for successful and cost-effective plastic surgeries and always offers reasonable prices.

    All our patients are back home with perfect MMO surgery results with our associate surgeons and affordable mommy makeover treatment packages. Our team of surgical experts are internationally recognised surgeons and have been in the field for years with the highest success rates.

    Each patient will be provided with a different treatment plan for total body makeovers, as each patient has a unique physical structure that requires different approaches. This means costs can differ in line with the condition and the desired look of the patient.

    If you are interested in our offers for full-body makeovers, contact our team for more details.

    Best Mommy Makeover Surgeon

    With Clinic Center, your entire cosmetic mommy make over alteration will be performed with highly educated and experienced surgical experts, well-renowned in their field. Our experts are chosen to serve our patients after a detailed evaluation of their backgrounds and acknowledgements. All our experts are internationally recognised by reputable institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. Their expertise is one of the main factors in providing perfect full body makeover plastic surgery results. You can visit the pages provided below for more details on our surgical team and their acknowledgements in the field.

    With the assistance of Clinic Center, our surgeons have been able to offer perfect mommy makeover outcomes to our patients with excellence and for affordable prices abroad.

    Our surgeons will inform you of each step of your mummy makeover surgery during the consultation process to cover all your needs. They will advise and guide you on the suitable options for your procedure to achieve the best mommy makeover results. After a thorough consultation, your surgeon will prepare your treatment plan for your makeover surgery.

    Dr. Aysen Bilge Sezgin, an acknowledged surgeon under the roof of Clinic Center, connects the desired outcomes of a mommy makeover to the skill and experience of the surgeon and the compatibility of the surgical team. For Sezgin, successful makeover surgery results can be achieved by combining up-to-date methods with the surgeon’s expertise.

    Dr. Aydin Gozu, another recognised member of our team of surgeons, emphasises the period before and after mommy makeover recovery. For Gozu, optimum results are more reachable with proper aftercare provided by the clinic and the surgeons.

    Clinic Center’s surgeons and aftercare team will be there to guide you during your recovery to maintain your mommy makeover results in perfect shape. For more information on our surgeons and aftercare services, contact our team.

    MMO surgery Recovery

    • The first week of the MMO surgery recovery: This period is the hardest part of the recovery as the patients usually cannot move at all. During this time, patients should sleep and rest. Movements will be restricted as a result of the surgery, so they can only go to the bathroom, eat and take short walks within the room to accumulate blood flow. Patients can start to walk to a certain degree after a week.
    • The second week of the mommy make over recovery: Patients still can feel fatigued, their condition will get better. Soreness on the operated sites is normal.
    • The third week of the mommy makeover recovery: This period may be more difficult for some patients as the healing process expectedly slow down at this point. Patients are advised to get help throughout their healing process from a close one to acquire optimum recovery.
    • The fourth week of the mummy makeover recovery: Most swelling is faded, and patients feel better.
    • Fifth and sixth weeks of the mummy make over recovery: Usually, patients can get back to their active routine but with caution.
    • For the swelling to entirely go away, it may take a year which is an expected recovery period after a mummy tummy tuck. This procedure requires patience.

    Mommy Makeover Results

    After your MMO surgery is completed, you need to be careful about your lifestyle and habits. Your mummy makeover will not last long unless you maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper food choices and activity. Choosing more nutritious food and exercising on a routine will help you maintain your mommy makeover results.

    Patients are advised to consult with a nutritionist to find a regime and a nutrition plan suitable for their needs and a personal trainer to understand better what kind of exercises will be ideal for their body type.

    vPatients’ Photos Before and After Mommy Makeovers

    Mommy Makeover Clinic

    Based in the UK, Clinic Center is the leading company for MMO surgery and other plastic surgery procedures. For years thousands of patients worldwide are being treated with Clinic Center’s renowned surgeons to get their desired mommy makeover outcomes. Also, with Clinic Center, our patients get the privileges of aftercare services in the UK, and all-inclusive package deals for cost-effectiveness.

    Your mommy makeover procedure from the very start to the end is organised with the help of our skilled consultants with the best price guarantee from Clinic Center. You will enjoy the privileges below during your treatment process:

    •         An operation carried out by the best surgeons in the field
    •         Six-night stay in a four-star hotel
    •         Hospital stay for two days after the mommy makeover procedure
    •         Transportation between hotels, hospitals and airport
    •         A personal host to help you during your stay
    •         All-inclusive package deals
    •         Aftercare services for the mummy makeover recovery period

    Mommy Makeover Procedure All-Inclusive Packages

    With the all-inclusive package, our patients will have a comfortable trip to their home after having a successful plastic mommy body surgery procedure. Clinic Center does everything possible so that our patients feel maximum comfort, Clinic Center arranges everything our patients may need. Here are the details:

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Partner plastic surgeons are chosen after a close examination and hold the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships.

    Medical garments

    Clinic Center will provide you the necessary post-op garment(s) to be used after the mommy makeover.


    On the discharge day, the doctor or host will inform the patient of the check-up day and aftercare information for a successful healing process.

    Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Clinic Center will make sure that all of their patients have the best and comfortable stays until it is time for them to go back to their countries

    Airport transfers with VIP car

    For a more comfortable trip, Clinic Center transfer welcomes our patients at the airport and brings them to their hotel and will take them back to the airport on their departure day.

    International Patient Host

    Clinic Center provides our patients with an international patient host that will accompany them during their medical travel.

    Mommy Makeover Fast Facts

    Procedure:Mommy Makeover
    Duration:3.5 – 6.5 hours
    Stay:Seven Days (2 nights at the hospital and five at the hotel)
    Recovery:7-10 days. But long-term recovery can be seven weeks to a few months.
    What to bringComfortable clothes that you won’t need to pull over your head.
    Side effectsPain, discomfort, bruising, swelling, numbness, post-surgical scarring
    ComplicationsBleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, hematoma, seroma, loss of nipple sensation, inability to breastfeed, implant leak,
    capsular contracture, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, unfavourable scarring, recurrent looseness of the skin, fat necrosis, deep venous thrombosis,
    cardiac and pulmonary complications, asymmetry, persistent pain, contour deformity, fat embolisation
    ExerciseSix weeks later.
    ScarsIf the patient has a tummy tuck, they will have a scar. If the patient has breast implants and uplift, they will have a scar.
    PainMild, depending on the patient.
    ResultsIt could take a whole year to see the result.
    Multiple SurgeriesLabiaplasty

    Mummy Makeover Surgery FAQ

    What is a mommy makeover surgery?

    Mommy makeover is a combined procedure that may include breast implants, mastopexy, breast removal, abdominoplasty and liposuction, depending on the patients’ needs and desires.

    How long does it take to recover from MMO surgery?

    The recovery period can differ in line with the number of alterations the patient requires. Still, generally speaking, patients start to feel better in one to four weeks after the surgery.

    How much does a mommy makeover cost?

    Each patient has a different body type which requires other treatment plans for each patient. So pricing may change in line with your treatment plan. But with Clinic Center, your surgeon will carry out your procedures under the best price guarantee.

    Do patients experience pain after the MMO surgery?

    Mommy surgery does not involve as much pain as imagined. Usually, when a tummy tuck operation is included in the list of alterations, it may be harder on the patient; however, you will feel only slight pain after the mommy makeover procedure with the proper medication.

    Mommy Makeover Patient Review Videos

    Patients’ Reviews

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