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Our skin loses its elasticity with ageing, adverse effects of gravity, adverse effects of weight loss or as a result of a stressful life. If these are the cases for you, facial lifting with Clinic Center is the most suitable method. It provides results that any other techniques cannot acquire for budget-friendly prices. For more information on our offers for a facelift, contact our team via the consultation form.

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    What is a Facelift?

    Your faces can reveal details about your feelings, character or age. Especially when patients start to age or appear aged, they also begin to look for solutions to improve their appearances. Clinic Center, the leading company for surgical interventions, hosts hundreds of patients for rhytidectomy operations to enhance their appearances for affordable face lift prices.

    The face lifting with Clinic Center involves the removal of unnecessary fat, adjustment on the face muscles and improvement for firming the skin to obtain desired outcomes. The operation is performed when the patient is under general anaesthesia and can last for a few hours in line with the methods applied by the expert in charge.

    The face lift incision lines go from the temples on the face to the end of the earlobes, and the scarring completely covers the patient’s hairline. Suppose the candidate also suffers from saggy skin on their neck or face. In that case, the surgeon in charge can apply more than one method for a face and neck lift to obtain a lifted neck, for which your surgeon should open an additional incision below the jaw to enhance the muscles.

    Facelift Procedure Abroad

    Regardless of the type of the procedures, patients generally look for reliability, efficient outcomes and affordable costs. Clinic Center’s surgical team has performed face lifts on our patients for years in Istanbul with splendid face lift results. If your surgeon is an experienced and skilled expert and you do not suffer from any vital conditions, you will have a safe and smooth medical journey in Istanbul with the assistance of Clinic Center. During your consultation for a rhytidectomy, your operator will get your background, ask about the design you have in mind for the face lift results and describe the procedure for you step by step.

    After a detailed evaluation of your age, structure, skin and level of sagginess, your surgeon will determine the best methods for your case to obtain a better appearance on your face. Prior to your facelift operation, you will go under local or general anaesthesia. The surgeon in charge will make the necessary incisions following the method to be applied. After the required facelift surgery adjustments are made, your surgeon will conclude the operation by suturing the lines with care to prevent further visible incision lines.

    Surgeries for lifting the patient’s face can be applied in combination with other techniques and can last for three to six hours, depending on the number of surgeries. Also, with Clinic Center, you will be offered affordable face-lift prices for your package treatment.

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    Types of Facelifts

    Each person experiences sagginess at different rates, and to serve their needs; various methods are applied. Clinic Center offers a variety of techniques to its patients, such as:

    •         Mini face lift, also known as a lower facelift:
    •         Mid Face Lifting
    •         Lifting on the Forehead (Brow lifting)
    •         Temple Lifting
    •         Neck Lift
    •         Full-Face-Lift

    Mini Face Lift

    The operation for a mini facelift lasts around two hours while the patient is under general anaesthesia. This operation involves making mini face lift incisions from the front of the ear to the back of the ear to reduce the sagginess on the chin and cheeks. That is why another generally used name for the operation in the lower facelift.

    Mid Face Lifting

    Also referred to as cheek skin lifting, it is an operation to enhance the appearance of the cheeks to obtain a younger look on the patient’s face. Through the procedure, the patient acquires a structured face. Additional facelift incision around the eye area is made to maintain the lifted appearance.

    Lifting on the Forehead

    Also referred to as brow lifting, the procedure is performed to reduce the appearance of wrinkling, enhance the frown lines, lift the brows, and obtain a younger appearance on the patient’s face.  The surgeon makes the cuts in the hairline around the forehead.

    Temple Lifting

    The operation is a method of eliminating wrinkles on the forehead and correcting the sagginess of the eyelids. Two symmetrical lines on the temples are made above the ears, incisions and facelift sutures are hidden by your hair.

    Your surgeon will determine the best types of face lifts for you in line with the condition of your face and your requests. However, two of the methods above are popular applications, and one of them is the traditional face lift, through which various incision lines are made to apply the appropriate techniques for the case. The second technique is endoscopy, where the procedures are carried out with small cameras. As stated, your surgeon will make the final decision for your facelift surgery.

    Facial Lifting Costs Abroad

    If you are looking for face lift solutions such as mid face lifting or a lower face lift to fix your issues, you may be wondering about the facelift surgery costs. In certain countries, cosmetic surgery can be costly for patients, but cosmetic interventions are relatively lower when you decide to get your face lifts with Clinic Center . Clinic Center offers various advantages in terms of prices for face lifting and other attractions; as a result, thousands of people choose to get their facelift surgery abroad with the assistance of Clinic Center.

    Although the prices may differ in line with the methods your surgeon decides on and the number of surgeries necessary for your condition, to provide the best face-lifts, you will be assigned an experienced and skilled surgeon and given the best price guarantee for your face lift with Clinic Center. Contact our team for more details on our treatment packages for lower facelift, mid-face lift, or mini face lift and face lift prices.

    Best Surgeons for Facial Lifting

    Our surgeons open up the way for us to satisfy countless patients with excellent facelift results for years. Each surgical team member is chosen after a detailed evaluation of their backgrounds and successes in their fields. Clinic Center’s associate surgeons are internationally renowned experts with acknowledgements and years of experience in the area. Our specialists’ successes have been recognized by establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. For more details on their acknowledgements and careers, visit their pages given below.

    Our experts offer excellent results for facelift surgery at reasonable prices to our patients with the assistance of Clinic Center.

    Throughout your consultation process with Clinic Center’s associate surgeons, your surgeon will hear all your questions and concerns regarding the facelifts, and any necessary adjustments will be decided on in line with your desired results.

    Dr. Hakan Gundogan, an experienced member of our surgical team, suggest that to achieve satisfactory results with a facelift, the surgeon in charge should be a professional and skilled expert on face lift procedures, and the executive team should work coherently. For Gundogan, the best results are achieved with suitable techniques applied by the surgeon.

    Dr. Cagri Sade, a skilful expert under the roof of Clinic Center, emphasizes the importance of a good aftercare service and adds that to maintain the final face lift results optimally, patients should receive guidance through recovery.

    Our team will be with you from your arrival to even after your departure to provide a pleasant journey for our patients. You can reach us 24/7 with any concerns you may get.

    Facelift with Clinic Center

    As the leading brand for cosmetic surgeries, Clinic Center has been operating to help our international patients for years. Each year, Clinic Center welcomes patients worldwide for cosmetic operations such as face lifts, and with the satisfied customers coming back for more procedures, our numbers increase year by year. Clinic Center also provides all inclusive deals for its patients to cover their accommodation and transportation needs during their stay. With us, you are guided on each step of your facelift procedure. Contact our team or get a video consultation for more details on Clinic Center’s offers for you.

    Face Lift Results

    After their operations with Clinic Center, our patients feel satisfied to reach their desired facial structures. However, for them to see the final face lift results of the procedure, it usually takes several months as the swelling and bruises on the area need to heal before the outcomes of the plastic surgery face lift can be observed.

    Your surgeon will carefully make your incision lines to eliminate visible scarring along the hairline. As they heal, they will become tough to notice. Patients usually observe that their face is tighter, firmer, and more structured after the cosmetic surgery facelift. You will maintain these outcomes for years, and your face will continue to look younger. To get a better idea of the operation results, you can visit our website gallery to see our patients’ face lifts before and after photos.

    Face Lifts Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Facelift Recovery Period

    The information given below is general instruction given to candidates to follow throughout their face lifting process. However, priority should be given to your surgeon’s guidance for better results and a recovery period. Clinic Center cannot approve the accuracy of the information provided below.

    Prior to the skin lifting surgery:

    •       Avoid any products on your face a week prior to your surgery; substances may have an adverse effect during your operation or recovery
    •       Do not use any hair dyes a week prior to the operation; substances may have an adverse effect during your lifting face operation or recovery
    •       Do not use medicines with aspirin or ibuprofen to avoid problems with clotting
    •       Starting from two weeks prior to your face lift plastic surgery, do not take any diet pills or herbal medicine to prevent any possible side-effects
    •       To promote the healing process, avoid tobacco four weeks prior to your surgery
    •       Do not drink alcoholic beverages starting from two days prior to the surgery
    •       Avoid any medication unless your surgeon prescribes them

    Face lift plastic surgery day/night:

    •         Do not consume any foods or beverages six to eight hours prior to the operation
    •         Choose baggy clothes, preferably with buttons or zippers
    •         Take out your lenses, remove any wigs or jewellery
    •         You can make a playlist for yourself listen during the operation

    After the face tightener surgery:

    •         It is normal to see swells and bruises on the face; they will disappear in two weeks.
    •         Eat softer foods for the week to avoid pain and to promote healing
    •         Try not to move your face while eating, opening your mouth, smiling etc.
    •         Try not to rotate your neck for a while
    •         Do not look down; try to keep your face and neck straight through the day
    •         Cold compression is an excellent way to soothe the area but consult your face lift doctor before applying
    •         Do not leave the house without sunscreen if your surgeon instructs the opposite
    •         Try to stay straight as much as possible and avoid heavy lifting
    •         For the following weeks after the surgery, it is advised to avoid sex

    Face-Lift Operation All-inclusive Packages

    Clinic Center generously offers all-inclusive deals to its patients for a satisfactory experience throughout the face lift process. With our all-inclusive packages, each step of your procedure is arranged to provide excellent patients’ satisfaction. Below, you can see the services included in our deals.

    Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to offer you the best procedure with the most affordable face lift cost.

    Special discount for group bookings

    Clinic Center offers special discounts for group bookings. If you have other friends thinking about getting gynecomastia or any other plastic surgery, make your plan and come together!

    1 night hospital stay

    You need 1 night stay in hospital after your face lift surgery which is arranged by Clinic Center before your arrival.

    6 nights of accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    We provide you with accommodation for 6 days in a 4 star hotel for comfortable stay during your face lift surgery.


    During your gynecomastia surgery , all your transfers between the airport,hotel and hospital will be arranged by Clinic Center.

    Personal host

    You will have a host with you at the hospital before your surgery, on your discharge day and your check up day to help you with any necessary paperwork and communication.

    Facelift Procedure Fast Facts

    Length of procedure:Approximately 3 – 6 hours
    Recovery period:10 – 15 days to go back to work
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruising and pain, Asymmetry, Increased or reduced sensation, Damage to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction (chest infection, blood clots, heart attack or stroke and death), Change of the colour of skin
    Exercise:After three weeks
    Stay:One night in hospital, six nights in a hotel
    Scars:Non-existent after healing
    Potential candidate:Patients with sagging skin and wrinkles on their face
    Stitches:Removed in the last check-up by Clinic Center doctor
    Results:The permanent result achieved after swelling goes down
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly eyelid surgery, eyebrow lift, forehead lift

    Face Lift Surgery Patients’ Reviews

    The reviews provided for you below are written by our patients on their experiences with Clinic Center. Their writings are shared within their knowledge and can be found on other online platforms.

    Rhytidectomy FAQ

    How are the facelift incisions made?

    They can be created on various areas of the face and neck in line with the method of operation applied. Brow lifting is made through an incision within the hairline around the forehead, whereas with temple face lifting treatment, the incision lines are made above the ears. While a mid face lift requires incisions on the eyelids, a mini face lift requires an incision starting from the front of the ear to its behind. Lastly, a neck lift plastic surgery necessitates incisions that follow the hairline, starting from the sideburn to the earlobe level.

    Do face lift incisions leave scars?

    As a standard practice, your facelift incision lines will be made along your hairline, and their visibility will not be an issue. However, our surgeons always pay extra attention to patients’ confidence and try to cover them as much as they can be.

    Can I get long-lasting results with facelifts?

    Your skin might be tight and numb; however, those issues will get back to normal as the skin settles. They generally result from post-operative swelling. Although the procedure offers permanent results to patients, ageing is not a phenomenon to be delayed, and as you age, your face lift results can differ. However, if you lead a healthier life, your skin lifting will be permanent.

    How much does a face lift cost abroad?

    Clinic Center offers the best prices for your procedure. Your face lift operation will be comparatively cheaper; however, your price may differ in line with the techniques used or added to the combination to suit your needs better. Your costs for the surgery will be even cheaper with the added benefits of our all-inclusive packages.

    What is a mini face lift with one stitch?

    It is a technique that involves only one stitch on the outside. It aims to fix the issues experienced on the middle of the face, which covers the cheekbones. However, most patients experience a little lift also on the chin. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, and the specialist creates an opening just above the hairline, and no post-operative swelling can be seen. Generally, patients can get back to their life the next day.

    Does the mini facelift last for long?

    With most patients, results for a mini facelift will easily  last around ten years before another lift or procedure is required. However a full facelift can last approximately twenty years. Many patients report that the results last even longer by a few more years for both surgeries.

    Face Lift Patient Review Videos

    Patients’ Reviews

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