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As the leading brand in cosmetic surgery, Clinic Center provides solutions for those who need a tummy tuck. With the best surgeons in the field and affordable all-inclusive package deals for a cheap tummy tuck, you will achieve your desired body image. For more information on full abdominoplasty offers, contact our team.

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    What is Abdominoplasty?

    It is an invasive operation preferred for skin reduction and fat removal from the patient’s stomach area. This procedure is preferred to tighten the abdominal wall that is loosened after pregnancy. If the patient cannot achieve a flat belly, even though they add dieting and exercising to their routine, a full abdominoplasty is a great solution for fixing the situation. Surgeons can match the procedure with other operations such as liposuction and tummy tuck to provide curvy and firm physical structures to the patient.

    A tummy tuck procedure is performed when the patient is under general anaesthesia and involves an incision line along the lower belly. In line with the case, the surgery can last for two to four hours. But if there are any other interventions to be included in the operation, such as liposuction, it can elongate the duration an hour more.

    Best Country for Tummy Tuck

    One of the most challenging places to lose fat is around the belly; the area causes problems for most people. If the exercises and diets you try do not work, people looking for ways to achieve a thinner and a flatter body choose to get belly tuck or fat removal. As the operation can eliminate a significant amount of body fat, it may leave a certain amount of loose skin. In cases where the patient has excessive amounts of loose skin, the surgery should be combined with a loose skin surgery to provide a firmer finish.

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    Through your tummy tuck procedure with Clinic Center, you will have fat removed from your belly, get rid of your excess skin and improve the muscles on your stomach. Welcoming thousands of international patients for years, Clinic Center offers you excellent tummy tuck results for affordable prices. Apart from the high quality operational services we provide, we also offer our clients additional services that increase the satisfaction and happiness rate of our patients. Thus, Clinic Center is the best place for tummy tuck in Turkey.

    Tummy Tuck Operation Cost

    With the rising demand for plastic surgeries , the country has become the most popular destination for affordable and budget-friendly yet high-quality cosmetic interventions. As full abdominoplasty offers patients drastic improvements, it is one of the most requested operations worldwide, especially. With the assistance of Clinic Center, your tummy tuck procedure will be carried out by excellent surgeons, and you will benefit from our all-inclusive package deals.

    Tummy tuck costs in many places of the world can cause financial difficulties. However, Clinic Cener is a company backed by government initiatives, and with us, you can enjoy advantages such as your transportation, personal host, accommodation and affordable package deals.

    For more information on tummy tuck surgery and to initiate your process, contact Clinic Center’s team of consultants.

    Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon

    Working with renowned specialists in the field, our partner clinic provides excellent outcomes for a skilfully performed abdominoplasty. After a detailed evaluation of the backgrounds and successes in their area, our specialists are chosen to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We gathered a team of surgeons under our roof with international recognitions and acknowledgements by establishments such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS to provide excellent patients’ satisfaction. For more information on our tummy tuck surgeons, visit their pages below.

    Our partner surgeons offer splendid outcomes for tummy tuck surgery with affordable payment options provided by Clinic Center.

    During your consultation, your surgeon will hear all your needs and concerns, and they will take the necessary measures to reach your dream body. Your surgeon will guide you throughout your consultation for the best methods of approach.

    Dr. Aysen Bilge, an experienced member of our surgical team, emphasises that to reach desired results operating tummy tuck surgeon should be up-to-date with the newest methods and experience in the field to overcome any problems. For her, operations carried out with skilful surgeons always offer excellent outcomes.

    Dr. Hakan Gundogan, a recognised member of our partner surgeons, emphasises the importance of aftercare following the surgery. For Gundogan, aftercare service opens up the way for an excellent recovery to maintain the results of tummy tuck operation in optimum condition. Our partner clinic generously offers aftercare services to its patients to provide ease during the tummy tuck recovery period. During your healing process, our aftercare team will be there to guide you on each step.

    Best Abdominoplasty Clinic

    Once you decide on the tummy tuck abroad, choosing an attentive clinic to take care of your entire process creates a significant difference. When you decide to work with Clinic Center, your tummy tuck procedure will be organised even before your arrival.

    As we stated before, Clinic Center provides high quality cheap tummy tuck surgeries and services in excellent destination for patients. Due to the high demand, the latest technology methods are applied to obtain patients’ satisfaction to boost medical tourism.

    Patients, who need a full abdominoplasty procedure, also prefer to carry on with their operations with the assistance of Clinic Center to ensure a safe skin reduction procedure with internationally recognised surgeons for budget-friendly prices.

    As a clinic with excellent patients’ reviews and award-winning customer service, we owe our success to our meticulous organisation, to our experienced surgical team and to our relentless work to make our patients feel at home. Our company is backed with government initiatives to provide our patients with excellent tummy tuck procedure for abdominoplasty with all-inclusive deals for budget-friendly operations.

    The first step of your tummy tuck operation is a consultation session with your specialist. You will explain your condition and demands for the procedure’s outcome, and the surgeon will examine your case. Following the detailed evaluation of your overall health and the areas to be operated on, your doctor will determine the suitable methods of approach and create an individual treatment plan for your tummy tuck procedure. For more details on tummy tuck procedures, contact our team.

    Tummy Tuck Surgery Results

    The tummy tuck operation increases the patients’ quality of life and confidence drastically, thanks to reduced saggy skin after tummy tuck and adjusted muscles to enhance the stomach area. But the results can be observed better as time passes. Your body requires time to recover correctly and entirely, and once the tummy tuck recovery period ends, results can be more apparent. However, an important note is that the Brazilian abdominoplasty procedure can leave permanent scarring easily hidden with your undergarments. The process involves opening incisions to approach your muscles better.

    Following your abdominoplasty with Clinic Center, you will get:

    •         A natural and fit appearance on your stomach
    •         A boost in your confidence levels

    To get a better idea of the effects of the surgery, you can visit our website gallery for our patients’ tummy tuck and lipo before and after photos.

    Also, we should add that, as is the case in any surgical approaches, the operated areas will be swollen after the surgery, and it gradually decreases approximately in six months as the area heals.

    The most critical impact on a successful tummy tuck surgery is the surgeon’s experience and skills. Still, the candidates should maintain their results during the recovery period with the instruction of their surgeons. With the correct aftercare and guidance, your results will be outstanding.

    Tummy Tuck and Lipo Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Abdominoplasty Recovery Period

    Below, you can see generally provided instructions for tummy tuck surgery patients. However, your priority is to follow the instructions of your tummy tuck surgeon for optimum recovery. Clinic Center does not approve of the reliability of the information below.

    Before the surgery:

    • If you are pregnant, your surgeon will postpone your tummy tuck surgery.

    Two weeks prior to the tummy tuck operation:

    • Avoid supplements and medications with aspirin or ibuprofen
    • Avoid any herbal remedies or diet pills to prevent problems with blood clotting, blood pressure, your heart and respiration
    • Refrain from tobacco usage to promote the recovery process

    A week before the flat stomach surgery:

    • Avoid alcohol prior to the operation
    • Refrain from using any medications without consulting your specialist

    Abdominoplasty Surgery Day or Night:

    • Avoid consuming any foods or beverages
    • You can have a shower before the full abdominoplasty
    • Choose baggy clothing with buttons or zippers
    • Do not bring your valuables to the clinic
    • Take off your lenses, any make-up products or jewellery.

    After the Belly Tuck Procedure:

    • Bruises and swollen areas are expected after the tummy tuck abroad, and with time, they heal
    • Some pain, tenderness and numbness in the area are expected. Usually, heal in a few weeks.
    • Avoid tobacco usage for a week to promote healing after belly tuck
    • Use the prescribed medicine by your surgeon
    • Use the compression garment for six weeks
    • Do not stand upright for the first days; straighten your torso gradually
    • Keep your water intake to stay hydrated for your abdominoplasty recovery
    • Try not to move after the operation. Do not bend down or lift anything heavy for at least six weeks
    • After the first six weeks, you can get back to your routine chores or exercises
    • Avoid having sex for two weeks after the surgery

    Abdominoplasty All-Inclusive Packages

    With Clinic Center’s all-inclusive packages, your medical procedures will be easy and comfortable. For your satisfaction, Clinic Center arranges each step of your journey for a tummy tuck abroad. You can see the details below.

    Best price guarantee

    We guarantee to offer you the best procedure with the most affordable tummy tuck prices.

    Free consultation, Check up and Preoperative tests

    You will have some free preoperative tests before your tummy tuck procedure to make sure that your body is ready for the process. Clinic Center assists you to have your consultation before your tummy tuck

    Special discount for group bookings

    If you have other friends thinking about getting plastic surgery, invite them and come together! Clinic Center offers special discounts for group bookings.

    2 night hospital stay

    You need a 2 night stay in the hospital after your tummy tuck which is already arranged by Clinic Center before your arrival.

    Accommodation at a 4 star hotel

    Clinic Center cares about where you rest and sleep during your surgery. We provide you an accommodation in a 4 star hotel for a peaceful and comfortable stay during your tummy tuck.


    You will not have any problem going to your hotel or going back to the airport. All of your airport, hotel and hospital transfers will be provided by us during your tummy tuck

    Abdominoplasty Fast Facts

    Length of Procedure:Approximately 2-5 hours
    Recovery:2-3 weeks to go back to work
    Stay:Six nights hotel, 1-2 nights hospital
    Complications:Scars, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Swelling, bruising and pain, Feeling full and ‘paralytic ileus’, Loss of appetite, Healing problems, Extrusion, Increased or reduced sensation, Asymmetry, Damage to deeper structures, Loss of blood supply to the skin, fat or the belly button, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction
    Exercise:After 4-5 weeks
    Scars:Yes, underneath the bikini line
    Potential candidate:Patients with massive weight loss, excessive saggy skin
    Mini tummy tuck:Recommended for those with little excessive skin
    Results:Achieved after swelling goes down
    Combination of surgeries:Mostly liposuction, breast surgeries

    Tummy Tuck Patients’ Reviews

    You can read our patients’ comments on their experiences with Clinic Center for a tummy tuck surgery. The reviews are shared within their knowledge and can also be found on other online platforms.

    Tummy Tuck FAQ

    How can I know if I am suitable for a tummy tuck?

    If you are a healthy individual with loose tummy skin, do not have excessive weight and want to change the appearance of your stomach, you can be a candidate for abdominoplasty.

    How a mini tummy tuck or a traditional tummy tuck is applied?

    The traditional abdominoplasty involves operating on areas above the belly button to tighten the abdomen completely; however, a mini tuck only includes the areas below.

    Does the tummy tuck operation leave scars?

    Your surgeon will open an incision line along your bikini line, which is a bit longer than a C-section line and the length usually differs in accordance with the applied methods.

    Can the outcomes of the surgery be long-lasting?

    More than 90% of our patients are happy with their outcomes. Patients can maintain their abdominoplasty results for many years by maintaining a healthier lifestyle with adequate exercise and diet. Also, factors such as being pregnant and weight regain can have adverse effects.

    How long should I wait after birth to get a tummy tuck?

    Patients are advised to postpone the surgery for at least a year to lose the weight they gain during pregnancy. This allows surgeons to see the level of sagginess in the area thoroughly.

    What happens if I get pregnant after a tummy tuck operation?

    Having an abdominoplasty does not cause any issues with pregnancy; however, its beneficial effects can be eliminated; meaning that your skin can lose elasticity, and loose skin on the abdomen can be seen.

    When should I get the loose skin surgery after weight loss?

    Your loose skin surgery should be carried out once you reach your target weight to see the amount of skin they should remove fully.

    What are the costs for tummy tuck abroad?

    As most people are looking for ways to get effective results with cheap tummy tuck operations, with the assistance of Clinic Center, is a great destination. With our experienced team, your will get your desired results and affordable tummy tuck prices.

    Can I get an abdominoplasty as a male patient?

    Yes, you can. Even though usually a woman prefers the abdominoplasty to recover from the adverse effects of pregnancy, surgeons can also operate on male patients. If you are looking for a way to get rid of excessive tissue after a weight loss or achieve a better-structured abdomen, you are a suitable candidate.

    Abdominoplasty Patient Review Videos

    Anisa’s Medical Journey

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