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Registered in the UK, Clinic Center welcomes international patients each year for cosmetic operations such as brow lift. For more details on our brow lift treatments and your treatment plans, contact Clinic Center’s consultants.

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    What is a Forehead Lift?

    Also known as a brow lift or an eyebrow lift, this operation is a treatment for lifting the patient’s forehead to eliminate wrinkles. It provides the patients with a youthful appearance and smooth skin with reduced sagginess and wrinkles. The procedure is also used for fixing the asymmetry on the patient’s brows or areas around the brows for pleasing results. If the patient suffers from saggy eyebrows, the procedure can recover the sagginess; thus, the patient acquires a younger face to increase their self-esteem. The operation can also be applied by combining other necessary treatments for patients, such as eyelid surgery and other facial reconstructions.

    Forehead Lift Abroad

    Having cosmetic surgeries such as brow lift with the assistance of Clinic Center offers many advantages for the patients. Clinic Center’s partner cosmetic surgeons provide excellent results with the operation to provide a firmer finish. Following their procedures, patients usually need a day of rest, however as the procedure is not invasive, they can enjoy the rest of their stay by exploring the city.

    The operation is ordinarily completed in one or two hours while the patient is under general anaesthesia. Patients can reach our aftercare team during their recovery period to consult them with any issues. After a week has passed, patients may resume their work. If the patient requires further enhancements, our partner surgeons can offer combined treatments to present their desired outcomes.

    Brow Lift Abroad with Clinic Center

    As the leading company for cosmetic surgeries abroad, Clinic Center offers aftercare services for its international patients to continue their recovery at home. With the assistance of our acknowledged partner surgeons, patients leave with outstanding brow lift results with affordable payment options. Before deciding on their operations, patients can have a video consultation (or a physical consultation in the UK) with our specialists.

    Having a brow lift operation with Clinic Center also includes:

    • A six-night stay in our partner hotels
    • Hospital stay for a day after the operation
    • Transportation between airport, hotels and clinics
    • A personal host to help our patients throughout the process
    • Special group discount
    • Complimentary check-ups and follow-ups by our surgeons

    Once they decide to carry out their treatments with Clinic Center, they will enjoy the above benefits.

    Best Armlift Surgeons

    Clinic Center, a leading brand in its field, has been providing its patients with excellent browlift results with the help of our highly skilled and trained plastic partner surgeons. All of our partner surgeons are renowned physicians with international acknowledgements. Clinic Center medical partner experts are the best plastic surgery staff as they have perfect backgrounds and specialisations in their field. Our team of experts are recognised by global institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS. You can get more information on our partner experts below.

    Eyebrow Lift Results and Recovery

    To learn whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a brow lift procedure with Clinic Center, contact our team for a consultation. You can obtain the necessary information on the system and get an individual treatment plan in line with your condition. Once the patients decide on their surgery, they will achieve:

    • A younger appearance
    • Structurally pleasing eyebrows
    • A smooth upper face free of wrinkles
    • A fixed asymmetry on the face

    Eyebrow Lift Costs

    Plastic surgeries such as brow lifts may seem like expensive options for most patients; however, when the procedure is carried out with the assistance of Clinic Center, the situation is the opposite. Cosmetic operations offer excellent results for patients at affordable prices. Also, with our experienced and acknowledged surgical partner specialists, you will reach your desired appearance with ease.

    Thanks to its experienced medical staff, a great number of procedures performed each year, successful results, affordable prices, and government funding for medical tourism. Forehead lift costs may change if you are also having face lift or other cosmetic surgery. Every patient has an exclusive treatment plan depending on their needs, envisioned results, and anatomy. Because Clinic Center is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy, we hold the right to offer all-inclusive packages at an affordable brow lift cost.

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center associate plastic surgeons are selected after a close examination and they belong to the respected EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS societies.


    You will have your check-up and during you discharge. We also help you with your usual follow-ups so that you can have the best results from your brow lift procedure.

    Special Group Discount

    You and a friend or a family member you bring will benefit from a special discount in the case you want to bring them a long!

    Medical garments, support bra etc.

    After your procedure, if you need a garment, our partner surgeon will provide it.

    Accommodation at a 4-star Hotel

    We make sure you stay in one of the best and comfortable hotels until you go away.

    All Transfers

    We want to make sure that you have a very good and a comfortable experience. That’s why we provide all the transfers.

    Pre&Post-Op Instructions for Eyebrow lift

    Pre-Operation Instructions:

    Important Note:

    You cannot have surgery if you are pregnant.

    Two Weeks Before Surgery:

    • Do not smoke and do not drink any alcohol, these may affect the anesthesia negatively.
    • Tell your patient service coordinator if you are taking any medications or vitamins.

    One Day Before Surgery:

    • You are not allowed to eat or drink 8 hours before the surgery.

    Day of The Surgery:

    • Take a shower in the morning if you want.
    • Do not wear any make-up or nail polish.
    • Bring comfortable clothes with you.
    • Do not bring anything valuable to the hospital with you for your Brow lift.

    Instructions for Brow Lift Operations

    Before the operation:

    • The surgery will be called off if the patient is pregnant.
    • Avoid tobacco and alcohol two weeks prior to the surgery to prevent issues with anaesthesia.
    • Inform your specialist if you take any medications regularly
    • The day before the operation, do not consume anything eight hours before the procedure to avoid complications with anaesthesia
    • You can wash your body before the operation
    • Remove any make-up, nail polish or hair products before the operation
    • Leave your valuables and jewellery somewhere safe, do not carry them with you to the hospital

    After the operation:

    • Refrain from alcohol for at least two weeks
    • To increase blood circulation, take short walks often
    • Tiredness after the operation is expected
    • Drink water to keep your body hydrated
    • Use your prescribed medicine to avoid discomfort
    • The operation sites may appear swollen or bruised, which are expected responses
    • Strictly follow your surgeon’s instructions after the operation to promote healing

    Contact our aftercare team for further details on our aftercare services during the recovery period.

    Eyebrow Lift Fast Facts

    Procedure:Brow Lift / Eyebrow Lift / Forehead Lift
    Duration:1 to 2 hours
    Stay:6 Nights Hotel
    Anesthesia:General anaesthesia
    Recovery:One week to get back to work
    What to bringBaggy clothes (with buttons or zippers)
    Side effectsPain, bruises, swelling, puffy eyes(temporary)
    ComplicationsAnaesthesia risks, bleeding, infection.
    ExerciseTwo weeks later
    ScarsYes, depending on the technique, it could be a long scar.
    PainDepending on the patient, it could be slight or major.
    Scars:Not visible
    Pain:Slight (mostly discomfort)
    Results:1 month later results will start to show (up to 6 months for the final result)
    Multiple surgeries:Face lift, eyelid lift, neck lift, double chin liposuction

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