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Having curves, significantly bigger breasts is an essential concern for women worldwide as the appearance of a woman’s body can impact self-esteem. However, having more than enough body curves may also create a problem for some. If you feel the need to get rid of excess mass on your breasts due to discomfort or achieve better looks, breast reduction may be the best solution. For more information on Clinic Center’s offers for how to get smaller breasts, contact us via the consultation form.

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    What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

    Breast reduction, known as mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to decrease the breast mass and size, as very large breasts generally cause back and neck pain. Women with larger breasts also suffer from abnormalities in their posture. All the medical reasons aside, if the patient doesn’t find the appearance of her breasts to be pleasing due to their size, this breast surgery can also provide aesthetical outcomes.

    This breast removal method is the most suitable procedure to eliminate issues that cause discomfort for the patient. Through the breast removal operation, glandular tissue, excess fat, and skin are removed from the patient’s breasts, and breast reduction results appear smaller, better-shaped and firmer. Through breast reduction and lift, your surgeon can also alter the shape of the areola (the dark skin circling the nipples). Results of breast reduction and the change in the patient’s appearance can be seen right after the surgery. With the help of Clinic Center and its team of experts, you will achieve your desired boob reduction results.

    Clinic Center will also provide our patients with breast uplift within the same procedure to achieve better results

    Breast reduction is a procedure that lasts 2-4 hours and is completed while the patient is under general anaesthesia. Mammoplasty can be achieved using three different incision methods: the first one is making an incision surrounding the areola, the second method is making an incision vertical to the lower areola and breast crease, and the third method is creating an incision following the crease of the breasts.

    Throughout the procedure, the plastic surgeon follows the steps below;

    • Creates an inverted T shaped incision to get rid of excessive fat, breast tissue and skin,
    • Correctly locates the breasts and minimises the areola
    • Sutures the incisions to prevent scarring and to obtain natural results

    Generally, patients are monitored in the hospital for a day after the boob reduction surgery to ensure that the patient is stable.

    Breast Reduction Abroad

    Patients worldwide have been choosing to get their cosmetic surgeries abroad, which has been a popular trend due to pricing factors and better medical care. The same situation applies to breast reduction and lift, too. Each year, Clinic Center welcomes its patients looking for cost-effective and high-quality solutions to their cosmetic and medical problems.

    If you are interested in having breast reduction surgery, you may wonder about the outcomes of the reduction process. Patients usually research the best country for breast reduction surgery, best breast reduction surgeon, best breast reduction clinics, breast reduction recovery process etc., before deciding on the surgery.

    If you work with an experienced clinic and experts under ideal conditions, your outcomes will likely be more than pleasing. That’s why we strongly encourage checking patients’ reviews and breast reduction surgery before and after photos before deciding on a clinic to get your boob reduction.

    For those planning to get plastic surgery abroad, has been a great destination with the assistance of Clinic Center. At the forefront of the plastic surgery field, the company has been welcoming international patients looking for cost-effective solutions and perfect results for years.

    How much is breast reduction surgery?

    Suppose you are considering getting breast reduction abroad and have already started your research on the matter. In that case, you may have noticed that breast reduction cost differs as the company providing the surgery changes. However, in Istanbul, plastic surgeries such as breast removal cost comparatively lower than in any other country. With Clinic Center, our patients get the best service at affordable prices.

    With its all-inclusive treatment packages for breast surgery, Clinic Center serves its patients with its excellent, highly-skilled surgical team. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to get you the perfect breast reduction and lift you deserve. To obtain more details on breast reduction surgery and breast reduction cost, contact our consultants online.

    Prices for boob reduction vary on different factors. The necessary tests before the operation, anaesthesia, medical bras and medication are included in the total cost. Background of the professionals, extent of the procedure, and added alterations such as breast lift or liposuction impact the price, too. However, with Clinic Center, in addition to the best price guarantee, you will also benefit from all-inclusive package deals which cover the treatment cost of the procedure, accommodation during the process, personal hosts who are reachable at all times, and transportation between the airport and hospital.

    Contact our team of consultants to get more details on all-inclusive packages offered by Clinic Center.

    Best Breast Reduction Surgeons

    With the help of our experienced surgical team, you will obtain perfect results for your cosmetic alterations. Clinic Center selects its partner surgeons after a detailed evaluation of their backgrounds and careers. Our partner surgeons are the most skilled professionals in their field. Also, their accomplishments are globally acknowledged by institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS.

    Check on our surgical team’s backgrounds below:

    Being experienced specialists in their fields, our experts will be hearing all your questions or concerns before your breast reduction surgery. For achieving the best aesthetical results for your boob reduction, our partner surgeons will create the perfect design in line with what you desire.

    Clinic Center’s associate, Dr. Daghan Isik states that to obtain successful results of breast removal, the essential point to consider is having an experienced surgeon and competent surgical team. Isik also adds, the more experts use suitable methods for the case, the better results the patient will have.

    Dr. Aydin Gozu, another skilled associate surgeon of Clinic Center, emphasises the aftercare for breast surgery. With proper care after the mammoplasty operation, the results can be outstanding.

    Our partner surgeons will be by your side through your breast reduction surgery. Following your treatment, our aftercare team will be supporting you with any problems or concerns you might have while recovering from breast reduction surgery.

    Results of Breast Reduction

    After the surgery, most patients notice the comfort of not carrying unnecessary breast weight on their bodies. After getting rid of excess mass on their chest, they experience great relief on their back, neck and shoulders. And when the swelling reduces in the following months to a year after breast reduction, their aesthetical results of reduction surgery shows its natural magic.

    Here are some advantages you will enjoy after breast reduction:

    •         Perfectly proportionate breasts
    •         Enhanced posture
    •         No more choosing clothes to match your breast size
    •         No more refraining from sports and movement
    •         Relief on the neck, shoulder and back

    After breast reduction, patients get rid of the limitations of carrying excessive breast weight and feel free to be more active and choose any clothing. The result of breast reduction is life-altering and can be seen right after the surgery. As the patient heals from the surgery, their self-esteem proceeds to increase.

    Patients are also strongly advised to follow aftercare instructions as they have an essential role in the healing period.

    Breast Reduction Before and After Gallery

    >>Click here to see more before and after pictures

    Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

    It generally takes two weeks to recover from the procedure, and the breast reduction surgery scars left from the procedure will fade away in time. All patients are obliged to wear the medical support bra given along the recovery process. You can get back to work in one to two weeks; however, patients should refrain from physical activities for at least two to three weeks to obtain better boob reduction results.

    Patients should expect minor pain as it is one of the common problems after breast reduction surgery. However, if you take the prescribed pain killers, lie back as much as possible and wear the bra for support, you will avoid any complications

    Some patients may need to carry drains for the next three days after the surgery to drain excess blood to avoid complications. Sutures are usually removed after seven to ten days, through which patients are advised to rest as they should avoid moving their arms and body. Experiencing swelling after the boob reduction surgery is normal, and it fades entirely in six months. Exercising heavily after the procedure should be avoided for months, especially if they involve moving arms or chest muscles.

    Breast Reduction Clinic

    As the leading brand, Clinic Center offers its patients all-inclusive deals for their cosmetic operations. Each year, women all around the world choose to get their breast reduction surgery with Clinic Center.

    •       Video consultation online and face-to-face consultation opportunity in our London Office,
    •         Best breast reduction surgery
    •         One night stay at the hospital
    •         Transportation between your hotel, airport and clinic
    •         Your host to assist you
    •         Special deals for groups
    •         Check-ups and follow-ups
    •         Medical garments and support bra
    •       Aftercare in the UK,Germany

    With Clinic Center, your dream breasts are not a dream any longer.

    Breast Reduction Surgery All-Inclusive Packages

    With our well-organised team and all-inclusive deals, your procedure will be safe and sound. From the first step to the last, Clinic Center is there to help you. Here are the details of our packages:

    Internationally Certified Doctors

    Clinic Center partner plastic surgeons are selected after a close screening and hold the reputable EBOPRAS, ISAPS and ASAPS memberships. With us you can be certain that you are in good hands

    Medical garments, support bra etc.

    Clinic Center will provide you with the necessary garment to be used after breast reduction surgery.

    Special Group Discount

    The more the merrier! You and your friend will benefit from a special discount in the case of bringing them along with you for breast reduction or any other surgery.

    Accomodation at a 4-star Hotel

    Having a surgery whether it is small or big requires efficient resting for full recovery. For this reason Clinic Center will make sure you have one of the most comfortable stay till your departure by providing

    Airport transfers with VIP car

    For a more convenient journey, from the moment you arrive your transfer will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel.

    International Patient Host

    A day after your surgery you will have your check-up and aftercare instructions for a successful healing process. We also assist you to have your regular follow-ups to make sure you have the best breast reduction before and after results.

    Fast Facts

    Procedure:Performed with cuts on the busts by eliminating excess fat, breast tissue and skin to reshape and resize the breasts proportionate to the body
    Duration:3 to 4 hours
    Stay:Four nights hotel
    Anesthesia:General anesthesia
    Recovery:1 to 2 weeks to return to work
    What to bring:Baggy clothes (with buttons or zippers)
    Side Effect:Temporary swelling, bruises, pain, soreness, insensitivity, nipple sensitiveness
    Complications:Wounds, Bleeding, Seroma, Infection, Extrusion, Swelling, bruises and pain, Asymmetry, Enhanced or decreased sensation, Injury to deeper structures, Unsatisfactory result, Change over time, Allergic reaction, Loss of blood supply to skin, fat, breast tissue or the nipple
    Exercise:3 to 4 weeks after
    Pain:Slight (depends on the patient)
    Results:After 4 to 6 months (May change due to pregnancy, gravity, weight or age)
    Multiple surgeries:Breast lift, liposuction, nose surgery

    Boob Reduction Surgery Patients’ Reviews

    The patients’ reviews below are written by our patients about their journey with Clinic Center and are shared within their knowledge to enlighten more people on the subject. You can also find the same reviews on different online platforms.

    Breast Reduction Surgery FAQ

    Can a breast lift be included in breast reduction operations?

    Of course, for the best results, breast reduction and lift are performed together, which is the general method of the procedure. However, if the patient only gets liposuction, the surgeon may not perform lifting.

    Do breast reduction scars heal?

    Although your surgeon can keep the visibility of breast reduction scars to a minimum with the help of technology, they are unfortunately permanent.

    Do surgeons reposition the nipples during the surgery?

    Generally, the position of the nipples is not altered; however, if the patient has huge breasts, repositioning may be necessary.

    What happens if I get pregnant after the surgery?

    With pregnancy, the size of your breasts will change, which is the usual outcome. But their ultimate condition will not change as a result. You should expect changes in volume and position.

    Is breastfeeding possible after the boob reduction?

    It is possible to breastfeed, however as the surgery site goes across your milk ducts, you should consult your surgeon on the examination.

    For how long can I maintain the breast reduction results?

    The procedure provides long-lasting results. Still, with time, your breasts may change with ageing, gravity, weight changes and hormonal imbalances.

    How much is breast reduction surgery?

    Having your breast reduction surgery with Clinic Center will cost you less than anywhere else. With the added advantages in our all-inclusive packages, you will reach your desired breast reduction surgery results at affordable prices.

    How much can my breasts be reduced?

    It ultimately depends on the patients’ breast size and composition. Our experts will guide you on the right size during the consultation. Generally, patients prefer to go down one to two sizes.

    How much weight will be removed, and should I lose weight prior to breast reduction surgery?

    This procedure is not for losing weight, but removing breast tissue can make two to seven pounds differences in weight. For more pleasing results, patients should lose weight before the operation.

    Breast Reduction Patient Review Videos

    Breast Reduction Patient Review Videos

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